The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Boomer Turns Nine

UpBoomer is nine (9) NINE YEARS OLD this month! He has lived with me, er us, for four years now!  I just think that is the best thing ever!!!


IgnoreBut the bad thing is Boomer isn’t feeling good.  He’s been having ear problems since the Cheat Grass went to seed.  He even had to have his ear washed out and lots and lots of medicine.

Mom took Boom to the Vet yesterday and had to have a whole new round of ‘stuff’.


I told Boom, we were a pair, him and I.  I can’t walk very well because of my back legs and he doesn’t walk very well because he is always shaking his head.

Hopefully the medicine take effect quickly and this time Boomer gets well.  Feeling good is a very nice thing.

Sleep-3It’s been raining here and cold.  When Mom and Dad are home and not down at Misty’s old house we ALL STAY INSIDE BY THE FIRE!!!!

It’s a very nice thing.



Watching the cats!


HAHAHAH  Sharing is not their strong suit!

Doing stuff like that gets them put outside Fast.

You would think they would learn!

Silly fur balls!


Boomer and I just laugh at them!


25 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Boomer Turns Nine

  1. Ah—Poor Boom… Sorry Fuzzy that your little brother is not feeling good. Hope he will be back to his normal frisky self soon. (NOTE FOR MOM: At least, Boomer is not out rolling in the poop now!!!! ha)

    Still warm here… Doors/windows opened/fans on…. Geeessh–we need some FALL weather here too….

    Stay warm by that cozy fire.


  2. Hope your ear gets better, Boomer. Cheat grass is bad here, too. Hate the stuff! It is cold here at night but a sunny Indian summer during the days. You know, cats are strange folks, but we love them anyway, right?


  3. Hey Fuzzy! Hey Boomer! Sorry to hear of the ear issues – not good, but Mom will fix it right up. Stay warm by the fire – an extra cookie or two sounds in order 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday, Mr Boomer and prayers that the vet can get you better soon. Being sick or in the pain really sucks ! Yeah, we know how it feels to get old….err ! Everything just works slower or not at all but resting is a good thing too. So take care you all.


  5. You’re a good buddy, Fuzzy. I do hope your brother gets better soon. Head shaking is very uncomfortable. So are sore back legs. You’re both very brave and strong.

    Love and licks and happy birthday month,


  6. Poor Boomer, I am sorry your ear is bothering you, no fun especially for a birthday month. Be brave and let the vet and Mom make you better. I look forward to your Friday posts and Moms too. I know Mom don’t understand how great it is to roll in that good stuff but a good boy obeys his Mom. Life is much easier that way. Get well.


  7. Happy birthday boomer! Ole smokey turns 9 next month! We got her when she was 4 weeks old and weighed 4 pounds! Lol! She is hard of hearing now because of grass seed…she got an ear infection.
    That’s the thing with short legged dogs that like to sniff around! Bandit has had to go to the vet also for her ears and grass seed in her eye. She likes the vet, he makes her feel better. Smokey, not to much!
    Hope your ears get to feeling better Boomer. I know that really sucks…
    Cheri and the girls.


  8. Happy Birthday Boomer. I hope your ears feel better soon. You and Fuzzy both know that the cats are just there for your entertainment, even if they think they’re the bosses of the family (cats usually do think that). It looks so warm and cozy in your house.


  9. i am so sorry that you are not feeling well, both of you, maybe after the vet stuff has started to work Boomers ears will be better and then so will you. Happy Birthday Boomer! Nine is a good sensible age to be. I have four pups at 6/7 months and they are a nightmare


  10. Dear Linda, I surely hope that the new ear medicine helps. It’s hard to watch one of the animal companions with whom we live be ill. The three cats with whom I live also have those mock battles that Fuzzy deplores! Peace,


  11. Happy Birthday Boomer! Mom says she used to have a dog that had “spanial” ears. Many trips to the vet. BUT, she says that a trip to Dairy Queen on the way home always made him feel better! Tell your mom that ice cream will help heal bad ears!


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