October Irrigation — Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October-Irrigation-4We started the irrigation water back up.  The alfalfa field was just too dry to make it through the winter.

1Early morning and every evening is very cold here, although it is warming up some in the afternoon.

Yesterday was horrible with wind and cold and just plain nasty.

Oct-Irrigation-3Boomer thought he was going to freeze to death so I took off one of my jackets so he could warm up.

StormThe storm blew on by and left us with another killing frost—no ice on the running water though.

Oct-IrrigationTerry had the corn tested yesterday one field was 18 and all the others at 19.  We have a long ways to go to get to 14 moisture content.  If this cold stays we might get there in two weeks or so.

Two weeks will give me a nice amount of time…I’m just about done painting INSIDE the house.  I have the trim/cabinets/doors in the kitchen and the ceiling in the Dining Room.  I dread that ceiling as it’s very tall, that is why I keep putting it off.  Still I should be able to get to it either today or tomorrow.  YIPPEE!

Then I can start on the trim outside and the fences.

Once the corn is harvested we will have to work on getting all the fences on the place cow/calf proof so Mr. Davis’ cows can come to the Brown Nursery.  I call our place the Brown Nursery since all the spring’n heifers (first year to calf) calve out on our place.  They were babies here two years ago so they are delighted to arrive back.  Lots of kicking up of heels and running when they first come in—then they wander everywhere checking out to see what has changed.  It takes them about three days to settle down to the place they want to graze first.  I always enjoy having them here.


But first………..there is the house to finish and the trim and fences to fix.  Oh, and the corn to harvest!  (and the irrigation water to change until the ditch is shut off on Saturday).

Your friend,




14 thoughts on “October Irrigation — Tuesday, October 28, 2014

  1. Can I ask a question ? The house you are painting and repairing….will it be rented out or did it just need some TLC after your family moved out ? Its lots of work for you ! Yes, fall is leaving us way too soon.


  2. I wouldn’t mind if you sent a little of your cold weather this way — we hit 80° yesterday, which is way too warm for the end of October here on the Plateau. I’m glad you’re getting your alfalfa irrigated.


  3. Crunch time!
    It’s raining here now…..I’m sure the corn won’t get cut here either…..2 years ago they didn’t get it cut until January! Cut and fed to the feedlot immediately!
    Love that last picture.


  4. a farmer’s work is endless so I do not envy you in fact I admire that you manage to carry on day afxter day…what a lovely thing to do to give Boomer one of your jackets ….such a kind heart xxx


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