The Adventures of Sherlock Boomer—The Mystery of Nothing Chapter One

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”—Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

Chapter One

Our day was pretty much the same as everyday…Mom doing something in the house, Dad doing something on the farm, me checking out all the happenings on the very long lane, which leads to the farm yard, Mom, Dad and Myself checking and changing water….the everyday of everyday.

Our days have moved into August.

August where it’s supposed to be so hot a dog couldn’t pant himself cool.

BUT it wasn’t!

It’s August, but it feels like September! Cool days and wet skies!  Scary sounds and flashing lights in the sky; August that feels and acts like September!

I still sleep outside at night…it’s not THAT cold.  I know Mom keeps all the windows open, even still I find the house hot!

BUT…more than any reason I sleep outside to PROTECT the farm!

As for panting…its cool enough I don’t even have to open my mouth to cool down ONCE!

That’s pretty okay by me!

Mom and I still go for our nightly walks…sometimes Mindy cat goes with us.  When she does Mom doesn’t like to go far…there are coyotes out there you know—and Mindy is a cat.

Cats are sorta stupid…they get to chasing mice and forget to look up once in a while…when that happens they can get themselves lost!

Way out on the farm somewhere.

AND cats are dumb!  Even when Mom calls and calls for Mindy to come back, she doesn’t.  She just looks at Mom and does what-ever-in-the-world-of-kitties-she wants to do.

So…if Mindy comes we only go to the end of the equipment area, but if it’s Mom and I we go LOTS further.

I mind, you see.  Actually I come back lots better since I’ve been sick.  Being sick is still rather fresh in my mind—-and in Mom’s mind.  So she really doesn’t let me go far by myself.

That’s okay by me…I listen to Mom and always come back.

Mom and I (and sometimes Mindy) like to walk in the moonlight the best. There is usually moonlight, but the BIG FULL MOON is the best moonlight to walk in.

When there isn’t a big full moon, but only lots and lots of stars Mom is very careful to not go very far indeed.  It seems that it is on those nights the coyotes prowl; slinking silently about in the dark.  They move around at night ALL the time, but on the nights of the dark moon it is hard for Mom and I too see them…which makes both of us jumpy.

Many times out on our walks we hear the coyotes screaming their crazy laughter after they catch something for their lunch.

Mom says their howls send shivers down her spine…I tell Mom they send shivers all over my body.  When I hear them I try to walk ON Mom.  I get as close to her as I can and try to get all tangled up in her legs hiding myself.

I always get a scolding when I do so:  “BOOMER!  STOP! You are going to make me fall!”

I stop, but I really don’t want too.

Mom and I always hurry home when we even have an inkling there are coyotes out and about on the farm.

Now…where was I?  Oh yes…it was pretty much the same day as we always have…not much going on.  Then the day started to end.  It was at that point Dad and Mom came out…walked over to the ‘fancy car barn’,

Mom gave me a kiss on the nose, told me to guard the place, got into the fancy car with Dad….and LEFT!


They were gone!

I stood there watching them leave.

Hummm.  Now what?

I sniffed around checking stuff out…sat down for a spell and watch Sam cat sleeping…got up and shook myself.

This is BORING!!!! I thought.


Picking my paws up, wagging my tail I decided to head out; I wonder what Nothing is doing out on the farm!






The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-My Job

Besides going out with Mom

Helping Dad change the water

I have a really big job!

It’s to keep the farm safe!


I have much to do—those crazy raccoons are so brave they walk RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOG HOUSE!  I know because they always leave a little poop behind.

That’s why I’ve taken to sleeping outside…MY CHOICE!

Mom brings me inside, but … well, you know … there are critters outside!

I chase off the

  • raccoons…they run zipping and playing, with me right behind them
  • I protect the corn!
  • Chase the fox—he is pretty fun to chase
  • Make the squirrels scatter
  • Go for walks with Mom

The deer have been pretty hard on the corn.

You see they eat the silk…

the silk is what feeds the little kernels of corn so they will fatten up and become


It’s been pretty hard work this year, but so far I’ve been able to do it.

I am feeling well again.

Mom says that is a very good thing!

I agree!






The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-How IT Now IS

Mom is such an old bore….whenever I go anywhere with her I have to STAY RIGHT BY MOM!!!

We finished weeding the second pinto bean field…and I had to STAY RIGHT BY HER!!!

We had to go clean up a big branch that broke at my sister, Shannon’s yard…and I had to stay “CLOSE BY”!!!

Romeo took a big escape and hoofed it over to our yard…Mom and I took him to the canal pasture, but I had to STAY WITH MOM!

If Mom and Dad walk somewhere I get to walk with them…

I can walk ahead or behind, but I have to walk where MOM CAN SEE ME!

You see there is Rabbit Fever on Grand Mesa—so Mom is afraid it might be down here.  She says I’ve been too sick to get myself exposed to something awful again.  She says fleas carry Rabbit Fever and all animals in the wild get fleas!  (Rabbit fever: An infection in rabbits and other wild rodents caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis that can be transmitted to humans by contact with infected animal tissues or ticks. Also called tularemia.)

When my youngest sister and Linkin came to visit and they walked Shannon’s dog…Mom did NOT let me go with them!

Changing water I have to “SIT! Stay!” on the four-wheeler.

I think I have a

helicopter Mom!

Boomer, Mom’s Beaglie!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Mom Pronounced me WELL

I’m back at ‘em.  (Although, Mom says I do sleep much more than I did before I got sick.)

It’s been hot so I rest lots.

Sammy hangs out with me also.  Sometimes he rests where I’m resting, but lately he has taken to sleeping on one of the tractor seats in the coolness of the tractor shed.

I tell Mom I’m just conserving my energy for stuff—



But the other day, while Mom and Dad were gone somewhere, I decided it was time to check out the farm.  I figured I wouldn’t go too far.  I would stay close enough I could hear the family car coming down the long lane to house and be back in time.

I had a great fun out there…found out all sorts of news, things that were happening on the farm, you know stuff.

I made it home just before Mom and Dad got back.

Mom was not very happy with me…

Not that I checked out the news, or that I left the farm yard…but the fact I found



She gave me a bath…TWICE!  TWICE!  She took away all the wonderful perfume…dang it!



The Heart of the Night—-Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last night was beautiful after a day full of heat and humidity

We sat water late.  Very late, as the sun sank orange and blue in the west.

It was way past last light when we got back into the yard

Later, in the darkest hour when the shadow travelers tread the earth —  Boomer and I went for a wee walk-about…Mindy didn’t know we were walking, she was on the hunt

We came upon a beautiful little kit fox hunting by itself, an owl hooting in the willow tree.

The night world trembling with small noises, which seem loud.

The wind picked up a couple of last years old corn leaves; flung them into the air…  a tiny devil twister making the night air swirl…

A wee night walk… shadowed grass, starlit skies, night creatures, plus Boomer and I.

From my heart to your world,





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Finally Truly on the Mend

I’m truly on the mend! My pneumonia is going away.  I haven’t coughed in two days so Mom says YAY!  With her fingers crossed!

Most of the time Mom makes me stay on the back of the four-wheeler while she and Dad do the moving of the water.

She makes me sit!  “You Stay, Boomer”, she says.  “Stay.”

So I do.  Even if it’s hot.

She says I have to stay, because I am really not all the way well yet, and there are critters out there who could be sick, which might make me sick again.  She says my immune system is low.

So I sit.

But if I get hot she lets me get down and get a drink, but stay right by her.

Last night it was cool and fresh and lovely.  So lovely Mom and Dad took a ride in the pick-up truck!

I got to go with them!

A ride in the back of the pick-up truck.  I haven’t been in the back forever.

A ride feeling really good—-



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-A Good Day

I was going to tell you ALL SORTS of stuff…things like how scared I was, how very sick I was, how the nasty cough hurt (it’s almost gone now, but not all the way) you know all the STUFF I’ve been going through.

But Mom told me she has been telling you.  That you have all been there pulling for me.  Geez, that is so cool!

So…. I will tell you I’m on the mend.  I don’t cough as much, Mom gives me orange Gatorade and coconut oil.  I don’t like the coconut oil.  I try to spit it out, but Mom makes me try to swallow it by putting it on my food.


BUT I MUST ADMIT…it seems to be helping my throat!  My throat gets too sore and dry so it’s hard to swallow.

OH! I’m going into details.

Anyway…just let me tell you…I SAW FUZZY DUDE!  Boy have I missed him.  He was waiting for me over this bridge full of all sorts of colors.  I started to run toward him, but he barked at me to STOP!

So I did.

“GO BACK, BOOMER!  GO BACK!  Mom needs you.  It’s not time.  I will come get you when it’s time.”

So I did.  I woke-up to Mom looking at me saying: “You can go, if you want, my Little Boomer, but I would really like you to try and get well. It’s up to you, but if you stay, Boom…you have to try.”

So I did.

And you did.

I Thank You!


Hot-Sun-Kissed 106* DayLight—July 6, 2017

As the health of Boomer flickered good and bad, bad to worse, then improving, to— I now have Hope….we had company.

My brother and his wife, Cloudy came for a short stay. Boomer felt good enough to be part of most everything.

Then the kids came from Battlement Mesa.

We went to the lake, of which I would not let Boomer go.  Too much activity and way too hot.  And who knows how he got this stuff—I want it confined here and to die out here.

Then early this morning, while the air was still cool, before the red and bright light spread it’s heat upon the land

We had a hay customer arrive wanting 100 bales.

Then the day broke forth spreading sunshine and shadows.  Boomer and I walked a short ways down the farm lane…waving good-bye to our family as they headed back to their home.

Gradually, gradually I am seeing Boomer improving.  Once more I thank each and everyone of you!

Very humbly, your friend


The Gossamer of Summer—Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our youngest daughter, our son-in-law, and the three grandchildren (plus Grandpa, of course) all posed for our annual “Knee-High by the Fourth of July” calendar photo last evening.

Then we all headed off to watch the

fireworks at Confluence Lake in Delta.

Of course fireworks are always beautiful…massive showers of sparkling lights hurtled to the heavens, drowning out the stars…but not the waxing Gibbous moon.

Before we headed down to join the masses watching roaring darkness…

Boomer went with me to do my evening chores.  This is the first time he truly smiled since his illness. I’m holding my breath in this space-in-time; following the last few days of fear, illness and extreme worry I pray we don’t have a relapse.

He still has coughing jags, but he is eating and drinking and eliminating.  His tail wags, he is walking around, asks to ride with me on the four-wheeler…and now Smiles!

Once more thank you so much (each and everyone of you) for your support and strength through out all this.



In the Presence of Extraordinary People—Tuesday, July 4TH, 2017

Elaine sent me this rainbow from her friend in El Paso county, Colorado:

Elaine wrote:
Dear Linda…

(click on the blue link to go to his website 🙂 )
He took the beautiful rainbow picture attached…
So I send it along with loving thoughts ~ and I hope it helps Boomer!  Luv ya!
Here is what Jason said…
“Yes, please do send it along to Linda with our compliments and healing thoughts towards Boomer.

Boomer is doing ever so much better!  Sammy stays with Boomer all the time.  A kitty and his dog.

Boomer finally ate breakfast this morning: shredded chicken, a dollop of yogurt and tiny squirt of gatorade to wash it all down.  (Which he thought was amazingly yummy)

He is still coughing, but the swelling in his stomach is receding, his nose is off and on cold, and he has developed a huge desire to have Mom sit with him and hold his paw.  (Which I admit I do 🙂  Just like a little kid he has figured out to start coughing and Mom will come sit with him and hold his paw. 🙂

He is walking around, even walking out to the chicken house with me.  But not always, but I figure any willing to move action is good.

And his tail is waggles in greeting!  Which I adore.

As the setting sun shivered gold across the fields, Boomer asked to go with us to change water last night.   I always look at that as a good sign!

So….once more I want to thank each and everyone of you!

When winter touched our lives, you held us in your thoughts and prayers.  That is a huge deal.  Your light shown in the darkness giving me hope.  In turn I was able to give Beaglie hope.  Please don’t laugh.  Hope is a mighty thing…and I thank you for it.

From my heart to your world,