A Crisp Fall Day–Wednesday, October 29, 2014

tunnel.jpgThe trees on the way to the other house are just lovely. As are the trees AT the other house.

Pink-worldThe other house in the thicket of trees that you see across the way.  Trees with lots and lots and leaves on them. It’s been freezing every night…we had 26* this morning.  You and I know what that means…all those leaves are going to be falling down into the yard. What that means for me is a whole other job…raking leaves.  I rather dread it.  I have this yard with it’s leaves and now I have that yard.  SIGH!

Anyway all I have left to paint is the ceiling in the dining room, then I’m done with the inside of the house.  YAY!

Oh, yes.  I still have the outside and now the yard, but I’m making headway.

Neighbors-CowsOur neighbor to the south, has brought his cows home for the winter.  He just put the heifers in his back field which connects to our Upper End.  It’s nice to hear them talking and conversing with each other.  🙂

SherbertYour friend,



13 thoughts on “A Crisp Fall Day–Wednesday, October 29, 2014

  1. We’re battling the leaves that have fallen in our yard, although the temperatures haven’t dropped as much for us as they have for you. I usually like the trees in and around our yard, except for the time the leaves fall. The trees around your other house look beautiful, and your skies are as lovely as ever.


  2. Hi Linda, Cold there, huh??? We haven’t had much cool/cold weather here yet–but a big front is coming through here on Saturday… Low is supposed to be 28 –and high of 44. AND–we may even get some snow flurries… Mercy me… Welcome to WINTER…. ha

    Don’t think I would have the time to take care of two houses and two yards… Mercy me… We are busy this week getting up the first bunch of leaves in our yard–but this will go on for 2-3 more weeks… We just have SO many big trees…. Fun fun—-but lots of great exercise!!!



  3. Beautiful trees! I would be living over there where the trees are. This is the last week of daylight savings time….ick. We have lots of trees and when the leaves fall, the wind blows them across the meadow and we never see them again, ha ha ha.


  4. We might get frost this weekend here. Know anyone with a mulching mower you could borrow?
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful scenery with us.
    God bless you all and your farming friends. ♥


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