The Sky is Full of Fey Beauty—-Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The rains left last night and today

The sky is swimming with leaves upon the very cool breeze

The earth’s beating heart is slowing down, heading into the deep sleep called winter

Every day the sound of the beating heart of the earth is growing softer and softer

As the time of deep sleep nears.

From my world to your heart,




Summer’s Ghost—-Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The bees are very busy now…flying back to the hives, their bodies covered with pollen; the droning sound they make so much a part of the landscape one must pay attention to hear it.

fushiaThe company of the plants are still soothing to the eyes and the soul

seedsBut the signs are there; spangling the edges, hurrying the plants along, pushing and a nudging–to set seeds — prepare for that long sleep called winter

zinniaThe autumn winds will soon arrive, rustling across the plateau, through the canyons and bursting forth upon our mesa—flinging dry leaves across the land, stripping the trees bare

dotsFor now the rooted silence is a sort of balm to my spirit and to the earth

more-dotsBut the hint of fall is still there….a flicker out the corner of your eye, a tingle at the back your neck

leavesYellow leaves


Float quick and light, reflecting back to the wind, the earth and the sky the soon to be ghost of Summer.

From my world to your heart,


The Walk Toward Winter—Sunday, September 20, 2015


Autumn leaves,


Turning to gold, flying silently to the ground,


Leaving behind memories of hot wings of sunbeams


The evening light echoing the beat of my heart.

Your friend, as always,



More Signs—Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We are still having haze from the fires!  Although, and in spite of, yesterday was a lovely fall day.


The leaves are just beginning to turn; some are already falling.  Not many, one or two, silently, a slight flicker at the edge of eyesight.

FlyingSunday we had over thirty of these flying little jewels.  Flitting here and there, getting in squabbles with each other, dipping and dodging.  I go through a gallon of sugar water every day.

JewelsAfter we came in from setting the last of the water, the dappled light from the setting sun, glowing through the haze Terry, Boomer, and I rested before going in.GlowIt was at that moment I realized the sounds of the Hummingbirds had dimmed.  Only six little birds were visiting the feeders. The same count this morning.  The hummingbird migration has begun.

I would much prefer Fall/Autumn to begin the last of September, not now, not in August. Still it is here…the sunlight this morning caught in the cobwebs heavily dappled in dew. Many of the other spring and summer birds have left…it won’t be long now until the Swallows leave.  They seem to be around the last to go.  Not always, but close. hollyI understand why we measure time—for it is the hope that in doing so it will not leave.

As always your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A Crisp Fall Day–Wednesday, October 29, 2014

tunnel.jpgThe trees on the way to the other house are just lovely. As are the trees AT the other house.

Pink-worldThe other house in the thicket of trees that you see across the way.  Trees with lots and lots and leaves on them. It’s been freezing every night…we had 26* this morning.  You and I know what that means…all those leaves are going to be falling down into the yard. What that means for me is a whole other job…raking leaves.  I rather dread it.  I have this yard with it’s leaves and now I have that yard.  SIGH!

Anyway all I have left to paint is the ceiling in the dining room, then I’m done with the inside of the house.  YAY!

Oh, yes.  I still have the outside and now the yard, but I’m making headway.

Neighbors-CowsOur neighbor to the south, has brought his cows home for the winter.  He just put the heifers in his back field which connects to our Upper End.  It’s nice to hear them talking and conversing with each other.  🙂

SherbertYour friend,


Last Year’s Leaves


The storm hit our area yesterday, bringing a strong wind with sleet and rain.  Our trees were still hanging onto thier summer leaves, but today, the leaves are all on the ground.

Although this looks like lots of bugs, it is really leaves being pushed off the trees.