There is Always One–Monday, November 10, 2014

12I think there must be a Law of Nature, or maybe of the Universe, or maybe a sort of contrary energy field that runs in a zig-zag instead of straight—-whatever it is there is ALWAYS ONE!

RoseYou know ‘that one’ — the kid that can never stay still in the classroom, or the employee who always, always marches to a different drummer, or a dog who just doesn’t ‘get’ whatever you have taught a million other dogs to understand.

If you’ve ever had a flock of sheep to move you know that often times the WHOLE flock will follow a goat…I have no idea why, but they will….just put a goat in the mix and the whole flock will head to wherever the goat wants to go (and you lead the goat)…except one.  (Maybe two if you have a large flock and those two are a PAIN to get to the place you want them to be–enter the sheep dog..yup, works every time.)  Most shepherds just use the sheep dog now a days.

That ONE exists everywhere—people, animals and PLANTS!!!!! GRRRRR

Always-OneSee that HUGE wonderfully full of leaves tree down at the other house?  Yep!  That’s the one.  And it’s smack dab right in the middle of the whole back yard.  You can’t tell it from the photo but it is.  The clothes line stretches from it to another tree (devoid of all it’s leaves) at the edge of the yard.

I have every leaf raked and the lawn clean,; trying to get the ankle deep leaves up before the weather changes and I have a huge mess.  Accept— I must wait for that tree! The One!  The one that marches to a totally different rhythm.

“WHY!”  I shouted at it yesterday.  “WHY can’t you push off your leaves at the same time as all the others in the yard.

All I heard was a huge belly laugh followed by several snorts and a snorkle…”Because I don’t want too”  the lovely tree replied,  “I do it when I’m good and ready and not a minute before.”

I suppose so, I muttered to myself, I suppose so.

Your friend,




19 thoughts on “There is Always One–Monday, November 10, 2014

  1. There are a lot here and going to see what the wind will do on its own. I help them out a bit. Maybe an experiment to see what the wind over there will do with yours. Oh – – – – that’s right the wind hardly blows in Delta.

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  2. Oh dear, luckily for us the winds are so wild no leaves really drop in our yard, they just fly away, though if I can corral some leaves they go into the chook house and the chooks scratch them up for leaf mulch for next year. I would rather they stayed under the trees like good leaves, natural mulch for the winter but no. the wind blows them away. You are very good to rake yours up, your property must be pristine.. c

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  3. Shame on that contrary tree! (Your post brought a huge smile to my face though). Our daughter and sil have a huge black walnut in their back yard that she swears will hang on to its leaves until the day before a big rainstorm. So then they have piles of heavy soggy leaves that are next to impossible to rake up. (Like yours though, it is a beautiful tree and also like you they forgive it eventually,) I will ask her if she hears her tree laughing ;>)

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  4. Aw. *Hugs*
    I hope when they fall, they at least do you the curtesy of all falling at once. Maybe you will get a strong wind and it will blow them all to the next county!


  5. I had to chuckle at this post! I’ve been feeling the same way. The trees in the back yard are bare, the flower beds put to bed. 🙂
    But the front! One tree here, clean up. The next tree, clean up and so on! And their not done yet! I do have a leaf blower. I wait for the wind to help me. Blow all the leaves into the pasture, the cows love them!


  6. So sorry to hear of Fuzzy’s passing. My heart goes out to you!!! I missed Tubster greatly in the hay field this summer. I had a canvas made of my favorite picture of him. The kids look at all the picutres in the office but then always end with a comment about him.


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