We Can Not Live without Nature—Tuesday, November 10, 2020

There is snow all around us… but only rain here.

A wee spell ago

I spied

Some delightful pheasants

Busily searching for food

And always running as fast as they can

away from me! ūüôā

It seems to me that nature, and those creatures who live in it, are no different than us.

They hunger, they feel pain, they love.

I so enjoy being part of their lives and sharing them with you in photos.

From my world to your heart!

May you find and experience joy today!


With a Sigh, the Canal is Now Quiet —- Sunday, November 10, 2019

The unfettered sounds of rushing, dashing, crashing water

Has now passed.

The fresh and heady scent of clean, clear water

Has dwindled down to

To nothing.  No more frothing white ice fairies

Or the orchestra of rushing water singing to us

Only the pebbles resting on the bottom, drying slowly in the sun.

The year has come full circle; March the water will be rushing back to fill the canals and our farms. For now, everything waits.

From my world to your heart,




AND AWAY WE GOOOOOOOO—-Thursday, November 10, 2016

Image result for And away we go

As Jackie Gleason used to say!

on-a-ride-1Mom and Dad and I are B.U.S.Y! ¬†Now that the farm harvests are all done, the water is turned off, the canal is dry, and everything is frozen— Dad announced it was time to go work on the other house ¬†at my oldest sisters.

Shannon wanted a cupboard and a new fan over her cooking stove, so Mom and Dad loaded up all the materials, the tools AND ME!  

Off we went — they get to¬†work and I get¬†to play with Etta, Shiloh, Black Dog, Houston and Rocky. ¬†They worked and I played! ¬†Pretty nice trade off!


Then it was into town to get some ‘stuff’. ¬†I get to go into Tractor Supply, pretty coo! ¬†Me and a HUGE store. ¬†I’m always on my leash and I’m a very well-behaved dog, so I get to go in.

Then back home Mom and Dad and I continue work on the building Dad and Mom tore down…they are at the stage where they are cleaning up everything and getting the forms fixed for the cement to come.

Dad says maybe next week we can pour the cement. ¬†Here again they work and I gather all the news I can. ¬†Min-Min cat hangs out with us looking for mice. ¬†When she catches one she always brings it over for Mom to give her a big pet and tell her what a ‘good job’ she does.


Sam-Sam just picks out a spot in the sun close by and naps.  But  it is a nap with one eye on everything we are doing.  Sammy is ancient around 17 years old, Mom says.


We all work until dusk…which is early now…the sun sets before 5 in our neck of the world.

Back inside it’s SUPPER TIME!!! For all of us!

“This was a good day”, Dad announced “We got a lot done.”

boomers-cute-noseI’m always up for work adventures!

Aren’t you?



Guest Post from Kagedog in Cedaredge, Colorado—Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kagedog sent me this beautiful photograph.  She graciously said I could share it with you.


Here is what she wrote to me: ¬†”¬†Doesn’t this kind of look like a Grant Wood painting? ¬†‚Äč:) ‚ÄčI took it right before our first snowfall last week. You can see the snow that had already fallen on the Grand Mesa.

I just love it! Thank you, Kagedog!

Your friend,


There is Always One–Monday, November 10, 2014

12I think there¬†must be a Law of Nature, or maybe of the Universe, or maybe a sort of contrary energy field that runs in a zig-zag instead of straight—-whatever it is there is ALWAYS ONE!

RoseYou know ‘that one’ — the kid that can never stay still in the classroom, or the employee who always, always marches to a different drummer, or a dog who just doesn’t ‘get’ whatever you have taught a million other dogs to understand.

If you’ve ever had a flock of sheep to move you know that often times the WHOLE flock will follow a goat…I have no idea why, but they will….just put a goat in the mix and the whole flock will head to wherever the goat wants to go (and you lead the goat)…except one. ¬†(Maybe two if you have a large flock and those two are a PAIN to get to the place you want them to be–enter the sheep dog..yup, works every time.) ¬†Most shepherds just use the sheep dog now a days.

That ONE exists everywhere—people, animals and PLANTS!!!!! GRRRRR

Always-OneSee that HUGE wonderfully full of leaves tree down at the other house? ¬†Yep! ¬†That’s the one. ¬†And it’s smack dab right in the middle of the whole back yard. ¬†You can’t tell it from the photo but it is. ¬†The clothes line stretches from it to another tree (devoid of all it’s leaves) at the edge of the yard.

I have every leaf raked and the lawn clean,; trying to get the ankle deep leaves up before the weather changes and I have a huge mess. ¬†Accept— I must wait for that tree! The One! ¬†The one that marches to a totally different rhythm.

“WHY!” ¬†I shouted at it yesterday. ¬†“WHY can’t you push off your leaves at the same time as all the others in the yard.

All I heard was a huge belly laugh followed by several snorts and a snorkle…”Because I don’t want too” ¬†the lovely tree replied, ¬†“I do it when I’m good and ready and not a minute before.”

I suppose so, I muttered to myself, I suppose so.

Your friend,



Sunday, November 10, 2013

Occasionally, readers of my blog share with me outstanding photos. That is one of the delightful joys of blog-land—people sharing bits and pieces of their lives with each one of us.

The three following pictures are from Gary E. West (a local boy who grew up and moved to a big city in Texas).

He was back in the Ouray/Ridgeway part of our world in early October where he took these photos.


Owl Creek Pass


Another of Owl Creek Pass


And Sleeping Indian mountains

Although, winter has now settled down on that part of the world we can still see the brilliant colors

Thank you so much, Gary.  And Thank you for letting me share them with all of my readers!

Your friend


P.S. I took French and college and can only remember tiny little bits of the language…you have to use it or loose it, as they say. I wanted to say in French–¬†Ton amiti√© m’est tr√®s pr√©cieuse but I’m not sure if I spelled it right or am saying it correctly, I hope I am. ¬†For all of your friendship is important to me.