Good News–Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kate, from New Zealand, sent me a lovely rainbow awhile back…with the losing of Fuzzy I am only just now getting it posted.

From Kate

Although, I’m late her latest post tells that she is still in remission after two years from beating cancer!  YAY! Kate!  We all wish you continued good health.

Terry and I are starting to finally get a handle on that house down the way…he will work on some electrical wiring today and I will finish cleaning up the mess made from removing the old chimney.

Our grandchildren and their parents are coming this Friday, (YIPPEE) so we won’t turn off and drain the water until after they leave.  There is still no furnace (although there is a wood stove)…we are fourth in line for the company to come out and install the forced air duct work…we already have the furnace.  It would be foolish on our part to not winterize the pipes…it might be December before the duct work is completed.

The corn is drying down…still to high to start harvest (which is good so we can get that house under control), but should be able to start anytime now.  The corn moisture was 15.4% yesterday—we need to get to 14% before we can begin.  The polar express hit here last night with 21* but no rain or snow YET!!!  I rather hope the moisture goes around us.  I’ve heard from lots of my Colorado friends that snow is here in Colorado now.  As soon as I can I’ll be visiting my blog friends to see how the polar vortex effected all of them.

77The sunrise this morning was a promise of a clear day today so I’m going to take it.  The tree that laughed at me on Sunday has decided to drop it’s leaves now.  As I was cleaning yesterday afternoon, the wind came up and I heard a HUGE SIGH...’Good-bye until Spring’ the tree said and started gathering all it’s sap and sending it down to it’s roots.  ‘GOOD-BYE…I’m rather sleepy now…see you…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’.

As the lovely tree fell to sleep the wind pushed and pulled the leaves off the branches filling the back yard and our neighboring cornfield with the lovely golden orange leaves.

I went out and gave the tree a hug and high-fived the wind!

Your friend,



15 thoughts on “Good News–Tuesday, November 11, 2014

  1. No snow or rain here yet either. The bottom dropped out and our temps plummeted! High today of 26! Lows in the teens! And howling wind from the east! Brrrrrrrr! Suppose to snow Thursday and Friday! Polar express…..I like the Pineapple Express better! 🙂
    Cameron is getting the fuel pump out of the old tractor….brrrrrr! Frozen fingers….

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  2. The tree got your attention and that is probably what it was waiting for. We seem to be missing the polar vortex as the daytime temperatures eased into the 70s.

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  3. Congratulations to Kate! God bless and thank you for sharing your rainbow.

    A beautiful sunrise for sure. Did you find a coin under the fireplace? Someone told use they often put a coin under the hearth when they built a fireplace; but I don’t know if that is true or not.

    Have a wonderful day.

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  4. Have a nice sleep, tree..Ours are just now starting their final number- brilliant reds, yellows, oranges..I hate to see them go, but I know they must. Definitely not looking forward to winter, but our first freeze warning has been issued for tonight..BOO.


  5. Bless You Linda … .You’re a gem! Glad to hear your tree finally gave in! I love the way you write! Hope you can get that corn in soon! We’ve still got alot of corn in the fields here too!


  6. Lovely rainbow from Kate! Good for her in her being cancer free for two years!

    Good to hear the tree finally gave in! It’s too cold to be outside here, now. We will be below freezing for at least the next two days! Pretty cold for November here. Not harvesting cotton yet, but these freezes will definitely help it get ready.

    Love your header…it’s stunning! Blessings!


  7. Such good news from your friend. You both deserve the rainbow! Have a great time with the kids … And I’m glad the tree finally did it’s Fall thing! We will be here I Oregon until just after TG this year … Definitely a bit later than usual, but we weren’t here this summer, so were here for Fall instead.


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