Huge Push and Insane Cold Wind–Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We are making a huge push now to finish up the house and get it winterized for the winter.  The wind that arrived around six in the morning is miserable and cold.  It’s so cold it takes your breath away and feels like your skin is starting to frost bite.  (I’ve read this wind is much worse in Wyoming and other places….brrrrrr.)


Terry and I wired the kitchen yesterday.  We have some more electrical work today, then I will dust, mop and vacuum and wash the windows (maybe) and I’ll be done.

I still have the trim to paint on the west and the north of the house, but I got everything done on the east and south.  I’m thinking that I’ll just have to wait to finish those sides of the house come spring…it’s for sure winter is here—EARLY.

As for the fence…we still have to work on the fence, but that will be after the corn is done and before the cows come in—the cows arrive sometime in January. There again I might not be able to get it painted, but at least we will have the places that need repair fixed…I’ll just have to wait on the paint for a warm day.


The weather is just too nasty to start combining…rain and snow are expected in here tonight to last until Sunday….Terry isn’t even going to even think about combining until this storm moves out.  So far no one else has started here, only the ranchers, and they feed with high moisture.

Well, off I go now, Terry is warming up from getting the stuff ready to take to the other house, while I finish this up.


Sammy usually loves to be outside, but today he ran out did his business; then waited for me to come to the door and let him back in.  He is toasting by the fire right now. 🙂

Sending all of you warm and toasty thoughts and wishes for a good day!

Your friend,


19 thoughts on “Huge Push and Insane Cold Wind–Wednesday, November 12, 2014

  1. Don’t know if you have the same wind we do, but it’s COLD! It was 14 this morning with howling winds. If there wasn’t the wind it would be beautiful! Blue sunny skies….
    Our kitty is like Sammy. Out and right back in! Lol!
    Stay warm!

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  2. Like TN Alabama will not be as cold..Predicted temps here in Boaz will be 25F at night. Still freezing. We got a smattering of rain last night when the front came by but wind in just gusty.

    IF you need a good cleaner to clean windows and other counter tops etc. Try this [and its very inexpensive].
    Standard Spray bottle
    1 oz of Ammonia
    4 oz of rubbing alcohol [I use the strongest]
    fill with water

    We use if for wiping down everything
    We use Awsome as our standard floor cleaner [diluted per the bottle] and as a rug cleaner if you have wall to wall [works great on Cat hair balls]…

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  3. The first I looked this morning it was something like -10. Today we have sun and so far no wind and the temp is somewhere above +10. We didn’t get much snow out of this storm but I hear that it’s worse south of here…Wyoming. Hope you don’t get hit too hard! Stay warm!

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  4. Our weather is so perfect right now (in my opinion, anyway…maybe the rest of Southern California feels differently), I wish I could send it to you. It’s still way too dry, though, and that I wouldn’t wish on you at all. I hope your early winter translates into plenty of water come Spring!

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  5. Brrrrrrrr …. Stay warm Linda! Hope all goes well with you guys finishing up that house. You’ve done so much good work already! No snow here yet, but it’s mighty cold! Enjoy your company that’s coming soon!


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