A Cold Bitter Sunday, November 16, 2014

It was 16* with a wind chill of 8* when I got up before first light.  The wind is STILL whistling and howling and it cold. I know cold is relative, but for us…this is cold!

Evening-of-blueYesterday was so miserable with spitting snow and rain and sleet blown in sideways (although it didn’t stick —just miserable) Terry said enough and parked the truck and the combine.  Of course today we do nothing but what has to be done.

Two of our grandchildren and their Dad are here—JOY!!!! But will be leaving after lunch sometime today.  Their weather showed -15* when I checked this morning….whew!  That is cold!


We had another sadness in our fur pack–Balou, our oldest granddog joined Fuzzy ‘in the land-beyond’ this weekend. Balou had been with our oldest daughter for a long long time.  It;s always, always, always hard to to lose a fur kid.  Balou…a most kind and gentle Rottweiller!

Off now to gather in firewood and put a ham in the oven.  I always like to send everyone back home with a good meal, and enough food for lunches for a couple of days.  The little family will be back for two weeks at Christmas; it will good to have the house across the way full of life again.  The corn will be gone by that time, so Hank can sit at the back fence and talk to Boomer, he might even ramble over for so good dog conversation.  There will be lights on at night and a warm fire going…during the days I’m sure the kids will be with us off an on and even spend the nights.  Just like old times.  For two weeks it will feel ‘normal’ again.


Keep warm everyone—and if you are in the part of the world that has warmth…get out and enjoy the sunshine… my heart will be with you!

Your friend,



28 thoughts on “A Cold Bitter Sunday, November 16, 2014

  1. Seven degrees here and a beautiful sunset. It does really sound cold with you – don’t care for the sound of that bitter wind and blowing sleet showers. Poor old Rottweiller – such sadness again.
    Only six weeks or so to Christmas, and for you Thanksgiving in between. \wouldn#t mind a slice of that ham in the oven – sounds good to me.


  2. The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from summer cottons into its winter woolens. I am sorry about the recent loss of your “fur kid”. Rotties make wonderful pets. Thanks always for the pics and post. JJ


  3. So very sorry to hear about Balou. Perhaps he and Fuzzy are glad to see each other.
    It’s much warmer here this morning…almost 30 now. But, MUST. CARRY. ROCKS.!!! The wind speed is much higher than the temp! Stay warm and enjoy your company!


  4. Wind makes everything worse, it is snowing here today but STILL.. your weather is forecast to hit us tomorrow.. it will be hunker down time.. sorry about the Rottie, hard to say goodbye, dogs get old, so do we for that matter.. c


  5. Brrr!!! I think winter is here to stay. Glad that you will have visitors soon and again at Christmas! I bet you can’t wait. Sorry you have lost another dog. Too much at once I am sure!


  6. You have bitter cold. No two ways about it. Sorry to hear about Balou, but you know he and Fuzzy are having a grand time on the other side of the rainbow bridge!
    It is warmer here, but it is pouring rain. We are going to a movie.
    Stay warm and have a blessed Sunday. ♥


  7. Oh my so sorry to hear about Balou. So sad to have two deaths so close to each other.
    Cold here too…I think it was below zero here this morning too. Yesterday it was -8 the day before -6…I am so not ready for cold this early. With October being such great weather NOvember really sucks:(


  8. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your old friend, Balou. Few things are harder than saying good bye to a loved companion and family member.:(
    The weather sounds awfully bitter there in CO, but it’s bound to warm up and tomorrow will be kinder.
    Also thanks for visiting Ed & Reub and leaving me that nice comment.


  9. It was 29 degrees this a.m. It looked like snow. Our flowers, etc. are gone now. Really late for us. Here in northern CA we have had some rain and are praying for so much more. Thinking of you and all who are going through such cold. Snuggle in, enjoy your time with your family.
    Sorry about Balou. We have to treasure those good memories.


  10. Here in Idaho we are as cold as you but our winds have died down. Supposed to be warming up by Tuesday. I don’t know how my chickens can stand it in the cold but I sit outside with them in the sun reading all bundled up. Sorry about Balou…..losing anyone you love is heart breaking. Enjoy the family visit ! Tell Boomer hello too.


  11. How wonderful that you had family visitors to warm the days! And… even better to know they are coming. Christmas will be here before we know it.
    Stay warm!


  12. Sorry to hear about Balou….my condolences to you and your daughter.
    We are slowwwwwly warming up…:)
    Suppose to rain by weeks end..I hope so!


  13. Have you started a countdown for their Christmas visit? 🙂 So sorry to hear about Balou. When I was at WIU the guys in the Sigma Chi house owned a Rottie that was just the sweetest thing ever! Hope it warms up a bit!


  14. It is always heartbreaking when a furkid dies but like everything on this earth that has some life we all have to go back from whence we came. Its OK for those that have passed on because they are ff to a better life but for those left behind there is only grief. I still look at pictures of my past dogs and ask myself ‘why’….but they have departed but live forever in my heart.
    as for the cold -15 does sound a wee bit on the chilly side. Time for the warmer knickers and leg warmers, time to light the fire for cosy evenings. At the moment our weather is in limbo…not too cold, but not sunny either…no rain or snow but just damp..Whatever the weather we are never entirely happy..always looking for something different to what we get….. Never mind keep smiling, and in a few weeks you will have the Grandkids back again.


  15. The rain started here last night and the cold and ice tomorrow!! Not looking forward to it. Eddie turns 63 today and I’m hoping he’ll stay in around the house today while I’m not there. He’s had a bronchial thing going on now for about three weeks and not taking care of himself. Not sure why men do that!!??!! You & Terry stay wrapped up safe and warm and enjoy the kids while they’re still with you.


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