The Adventures of Boomer—Morning News


I had a bad dream last night.  I woke the whole house going hooooooooooooooooooooo, whimper, whimper…whine.

Mom got up and sat with me for a while.  Then she and I went for out for a mid-night walk….that helped.  (We always walk around mid-night, Mom says it helps us sleep better—she and I.) I tried to tell Mom that I dreamed Fuzzy was gone, that I couldn’t find Fuzzy.  When we went outside I looked in our doghouses, then I realized.

The walk helped.


On the walk I smelled the Momma Deer and her almost grown fawn.



They ran down the lane and into the barn yard.  Darn!  If I were outside I could have bayed at them!!!

Early Morning

Anyway, my folks get up at 5 a.m.  The sky starts to just show light around 6:15 or so, as soon as it started to get light I barreled out the back door to see if the deer came into the yard.

Nope…a yellow and white tom cat…he belongs to the Lady across the street from the other house….a female teenaged kitten…which also belongs to the same lady (she doesn’t believe in keeping her cats inside—so of course they come a visiting).


Sammy and



Monkey stay inside at night…and most of the day (if you really want to know the truth) Well…Sammy goes out lots during the day—


He likes to hunt mice in the hay stacks!   Mom says its best the cats stay inside, there are coyotes and fox who like to eat cats (and dogs) AND there are tom cats that fight, so staying inside and sleeping by the fireplace is a very good thing.


Hummm yes…deer and they, snuff, snuff, sniff go right through the barn yard and on down the closest corn field.


Mom and Dad are working on one of the sheds right now.  They have to get out the air compressor so it can be ready to go with Dad.

Getting Light

Morning news….is a very good thing!




23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer—Morning News

  1. Good Morning Boomer! I love the morning news. I go out as soon as Mom lets me go…..she thinks 4 in the morning is too early……and I have to check the whole yard and then sit on top of the root cellar so I can see really far. I look for the coyotes and rabbits and deer and I bark at them. Pickles.., well, usually she just piddles and goes back in ‘cuz she says it’s too cold out side. I’m glad you go for a midnight walk with your Mom. You keep her company and safe and check out the developing news!
    Have a good day!
    The Gus.

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  2. Great job on your first solo flight, Boomer. Mom was busy all day, but she was glad to see this post when she finally sat down to check in with our friends. I’m happy your kitties stay home most of the time. There is danger outside. Happy dreams….

    Love and licks,

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  3. Tucker, here. I also have things to check in the morning. Sometimes I wish I could stay outside and stay on duty in the dark, but my mom won’t let me. We have coyotes and fox here. I smell then now and then. I would love to chase them, given the chance. I bet I could scare them into the next county.
    Sorry about the nightmare. It sounds terrible.

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  4. Just watch – Boomer gonna get an associate. It’s inevitable. Endless more adventures of pooches on the guard around their home somewhere out their in the hinter land of a place called Delta. And Boomer will remember what Fuzzy taught him and he’ll do the same.. This will be interesting.


  5. Needs to be added here that I’m already interested in given the early history and introduction elements into the Brown’s family with Fuzzy and Boomer. In that what will it be that is the catalyst for the decision of acquiring another dog/possibly another companion of some sort. I know Linda will know when it happens. Taking bets on this btw. No real estimate on time frame here – maybe around spring. Boomer is gonna love laying around in the warm as much as possible. This will be good.


  6. Sorry you had a bad dream, Boomer, but so glad Mom was there to comfort you. You can comfort each other while you are missing Fuzzy so much. You two are so brave to get out in the cold at midnight!!! I am snug under the blankets then!

    Keep sniffing out those outside critters…you’ll help protect Mom, Dad and your two fluffy friends! Tell us sometime how Monkey got his name, please! Makes me chuckle!

    Keep warm….blessings!


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