The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Company

I HAD COMPANY!  WOO HOO!  It was a great surprise!

Mom and Dad left and then when they came back they had a dog with them.


Mom let us get to know each other slowly.  Mom introduced us…Sarah this is Boomer….Boomer this is Sarah.  We stared at each other for a short time.  Then we both had some good sniffs on each other.  That went on for a little while…then Mom said. “Come on, Sarah, Boomer, lets go inside and let Sarah get used to the house and where she is going to sleep.”

That went really well…Mom gave Sarah Fuzzy’s side of the mud room, WHICH IS REALLY GOOD!!!  Mom tried to get me to move over to Fuzzy’s side because she said it was much warmer over there—BUT I DID NOT WANT TO GO!

So GOOD!  Sarah has my Best Friend’s spot and I don’t have to take it. GOOD!


Sarah stayed with us three days and four nights!



At first Mom kept Sarah on a leash, Mom was afraid Sarah would run away and go back to Rick’s house.  Then Mom and I and Sarah would go for lots of walks so Sarah could get used to the farm and the farm buildings.  By the beginning of the second day, Mom sat down and talked to Sarah telling her to stay close to me so she would know how to get back to our house—then Mom took off the leash!

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE we had a great time.  Sarah helped me look for squirrels and mice…Sarah KILLS MICE!  Just like Fuzzy…pounce, bite, snap…all over for the mouse.


I don’t do that I just let the mouse run off.  Sammy will get the mouse at some point, I figure.

Inside Mom was a little concerned because Sarah wanted to herd the cats!  ALL THE TIME!

“No, Sarah!  Those cats live here…you leave them alone!”

So Sarah did, but just barely.  If either one of the cats decided to run Sarah said all bets were OFF!!!!  (Just for the record neither cat ran…I’m thinking that was a very good thing.)

The only time I had to get on Sarah’s case was when Mom was sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace petting me…belly rub….aaaaaah sure was feeling good.  Then Sarah came over and laid down RIGHT NEXT TO MOM! I jumped up and gave her the old one-two…she gave it right back.  Mom was right in the middle, which I guess was a good thing, and grabbed both of us by the collar and told us to both sit down.

We did, but just barely.

Then Sarah said…That’s okay Boomer, I won’t take Mom, but I will hang out with Dad.

Dad?  Hey!  You do that and all is good—I said.

After all that we were friends and getting along just fine.

Then the next morning a big white truck drove up in the yard.  A strange man got out of the truck…I sat up and warning bark and howl…Sarah leap to the door with me and started her warning bark when she stopped in mid-sentence.

What’s the deal I asked her?

That’s MY DAD!!! YAY!  I haven’t seen my Dad for several weeks…he has been working somewhere far away!

YAY MY DAD!  Sarah started dancing around and around.  Then there he was, leash in hand and smile on his face.

“Hi, Girl! Come her, Sarah…let’s go home.”

HOME!  Okay! GOOD!  Let’s Go Home.

Come on Boomer!  Come on MOM let’s go home!

Boomer?!  Mom?!

Sarah was really sad when she figured out Mom and I were staying here.  Mom bent down and gave Sarah lots of pets and loves and told her she could come visit again.  Then she gave Sarah a KISS right on the nose! And told her Thank you for coming to play with me.

I watched Sarah jump into the front seat of her big truck and drive off.

HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWL  I hollered!  THANK YOU FOR COMING, Sarah!  I had a great time!

Then Mom opened the door and we went inside to take a nap by the fire.  Well, I took a nap, Mom did something else.


You know something….it was nice having company.



22 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Company

  1. You’re such a good and adaptable little friend, B. Sarah seemed like fun. I have a feeling that soon a new friend will come to stay and be your brother (or sister). I’d volunteer for the job, but Mom says farming is hard work, and we are soft, lazy city people. 🙂

    Love and licks,


  2. Herding cats, ha! Poor Sarah had a confusing few days, good thing she had mom and Boomer to make her feel so welcome. Glad Boomer made a new friend; having company around the holidays is always so fun!


  3. What fun for you to have company, Boomer!! But I do understand you not wanting to her to get too close to Mom…after all she is YOUR Mom!! But you were great to share everything else. “Who’s a good puppy”??!!!



  4. I thought for one lovely five minutes that Mom had decided to get you another friend so that you would have a playmate after Fuzzy had gone…..such a shame that Sarah had to leave..maybe Mom and Dad will have a think about it eh!


  5. Glad your visit with Sarah went fairly well. Sometimes, sharing your mom just has to be done. However, I understand your being angry at her for horning in on your belly rub time.


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