Mountain Lion Video from a Blog Friend– Sunday, December, 28, 2014

Mountain Lion

Cool mountain lion sighting from this morning near Roxborough Park, in Colorado, sent in by Gnan P.

GNan sent me this photo that she shot out her bedroom window.  She said I could share it will all of you.

Wildlife up close and personal!

It was posted on the Denver News …go here to see the whole video!

Your western Colorado Friend


20 thoughts on “Mountain Lion Video from a Blog Friend– Sunday, December, 28, 2014

  1. We have had first ever sightings in our area too. It makes us nervous for our pets as well as for the safety of the mountain lion. It will take some time for someone to get to the area with a tranquilizer gun.


  2. This area “Roxborough” encompasses several things with that name. In 1980 there was very little in this area. Roxborough State Park which was not one back then has rock formations unlike any others although date to the same period and are similar to “Red Rocks” and as you go south along the Front Range Roxborough is next and west of Sedalia is “Perry Park” ending up in “Garden of the Gods” just north of Colorado Springs. In between these major formations there are sprinklings of out cropping’s of a similar nature.

    Roxborough is truly a very cool place and to the west where people don’t live it is VERY rugged terrain. Abundant wildlife. I feel very fortunate to have this as a playground for quite a few years before people and the park came.

    Not long ago drove past where I lived and worked and it’s nice to say that there is a fair bit of “open space” for the public. It’s a wonderful place not far from downtown Denver. In fact in the real old days going out to Roxborough for a Sunday picnic was very special.

    Here’s a link – check this out for a bit. I love this place.


  3. Wow! How cool is that?
    One winter there were cat tracks going into the hay barn, but not coming out! Everyone was like, I’m not going in there! Lol! The barn was full of hay too!
    But what a great sight to see…


  4. I saw my first and only years ago, quite close to my home. From far I thought it was a cat and then I called my neighbor who over the phone told me that this gorgeous feline was a mountain lion. A little scary retrospectively but so beautiful too.


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