Back to Normal—Tuesday, December 30, 3014

We are back to normal…our children are all back at their homes- our  house is empty and lonely.

Boomer did really well with all his dog company– Puff Cake (this photo is from this summer as he was taking a nap have a hard run while irrigating) came and stayed with Boomer.WaitingShannon brought up two of her six dogs to hang out for a spell—Rocky and Black Beauty (sorry no photos), which added to Boomer’s joy.

I’m very behind with my comments and blog visiting, but I hope to get caught-up today!

Thank you all for stopping by and visiting.  The photo and video of the cougar that GNan sent was just stunning!

We have Mountain Lions here…


many a time we have walked down the ditch bank and saw paw prints in the mud.  Thankfully we have NOT met the ‘in-the’flesh’ cat.


Those big cats also hang out at Confluence Park in Delta..(the food source is rather plentiful there)   The city has placed signs along the walking paths to be aware of the Cougars in the area and how to defend yourself if you happen to meet one.


Anyway, today is getting us back to normal…Terry is hauling the next to the last load to the Elevator and I’m putting up the Christmas stuff.  Then when Terry gets back with the truck we will load out the very last load of corn from our Butler Bin into the truck.  He will either haul it today (you have to be there before 2 in the afternoon) or he will head down the first thing tomorrow morning.

We are so grateful for the call to take every last kernel of corn we have…who cares if it has to be there by 2 on the 31st.  The gift of having this year’s crop delivered and sold in this year is HUGE!

I hope this post finds all you doing well and ready for 2015…it’s almost here!

Your Friend,




16 thoughts on “Back to Normal—Tuesday, December 30, 3014

  1. That’s a different way to celebrate New Year’s Eve — lots more work, but a far more joyful way to do it than the people who go out and force themselves to have a good time by drinking too much etc….

    As for being back to normal — ordinary days are good! Your kids came at the important time and they are doing well and are happy; that’s something to give thanks for in the New Year. Happy 2015. Where does the time go?


  2. A wonderful way to end the old year! So glad your corn is sold and all at the elevator. As for normal, not sure what that is!! The weather sure is not acting normal here. Freezing mist/rain and snow. Roads are very slick and accidents numerous.

    I’m fighting a sinus infection, so am glad to stay indoors for the week. I drive over to the henhouse so I don’t have to walk on ice. 🙂 it’s 11 degrees here now at 1:30 p.m., so will be bitter cold tonight.

    Take care….blessings!


  3. I’m glad to hear that Boomer had some good company to enjoy when the family came for Christmas. I’m glad to hear that things are getting back to normal, and it’s great that you can end the year by getting the last of your corn to the elevator. Happy New Year!


  4. So glad to hear that all your corn is sold Linda! That’s terrific! Congratulations! Always love your pictures!
    Watch out for those lions in your area! And have a happy New Year!!!


  5. if you meet a you just say ‘hi puss puss’ or run a mile? I think I would stand still and pretend to be a tree.
    love the pics and its great that 2014 ended with success for you…may 2015 be even better


  6. I think my back-to-normal starts tomorrow. Hardly recovered from Christmas, and three grandchildren have birthdays in January. Maybe we’ll start “normal” in February, just sneak up on it little by little. 😉 Congrats on the selling done by year’s end!

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