The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Playing with the Cats (s)

Do you know what cats do all day?



Well, anyway most of the day.

But sometimes….Min-Min and I figure out ‘stuff’ to do.



Hunting for Mice….well, Mindy hunts for Mice I just read the news

Sammy thinks he still needs to keep our farm protected from feral cats.


Mom says that is NOT a good thing and makes him stay inside most of the night.  BUT sometimes Sam escapes!


We all go for a walk with Mom and Dad (if he is along).


We also walk with our big Sister and Romeo the horse.

I have to watch out for Romeo, if I’m not walking fast enough he will reach out and take a nip out my backbone right next to my tail.

But the other day….


Min-Min and I were hanging out in the little thicket on the canal bank, when we saw something shiny and red and scary!


I did a big bay and hollered for Mom to come. “COME QUICK!” I bade, as loud as my Beagle voice could yell.



Mom came over to see what the problem was…I led her right to the alien spaceship full of giant spiders ready to pounce on all of us, and gave a loud real blast of my mighty voice.

“Oh, I see”  said Mom.  Down she went into the thicket, reached down and picked UP THE SPACESHIPFULLOF SPIDERS and brought it back out for Mindy and I to see and sniff.


“Just a downed balloon. Nothing big to worry about.”


She gave me a hug and a nice belly rub, and Mindy got a tummy scratch.

With the balloon in hand Mom walked over to the trash can; no more space ship or giant spiders!

We are all safe again!






The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Walk with Monkey the Cat

Every day, Mom, myself, Monkey cat and sometimes the really old, old cat, Sammy-Sam —Sammy is 15 that is ancient for a cat! —go for a walk.

MM3Sometimes we go far, far, far, and sometimes not so far. Mom doesn’t like to walk far, far, far, with the cats, because cats can become FOOD!  Also, Monkey doesn’t stay with Mom and I, she is here and there and everywhere.  If we walk by the corn field, she runs into the still standing corn field.

Mom says the still standing corn field is a dangerous place for cats… fox like to live in the still standing corn field and the coyotes hide in the still standing corn field. Therefore, we don’t ever walk by the corn field if Monkey is with us.  Sammy usually doesn’t walk as far as the cornfields anymore anyway, so Mom doesn’t worry about Sam.

Monkey-1Yesterday we all went for a walk…Sammy stopped by the equipment shed saying he was going to hang around there and search for mice.  We all waved our paws good-bye, Mom gave Sam some really nice body rubs then we were off again.

MM1This time we walked along the, now, dry canal…Monkey LOVES the canal.  She likes walking in the canal looking for mice and other interesting things that hide in the grass.

I sometimes hop into the canal with her, but I much prefer sniffing along the bank and down the canal road.

Cross-Over-Ditch We usually walk all the way up to the Cross-Over Pipe.  Up there Mom lets us play on the pipe that crosses over the canal from one field to another field.  I walk very, very fast over the pipe my toe nails clicking the whole way…I try to move fast, because, well, toe nails and metal make for some slippery sliding times.

monkey-2.jpgSometimes Mom walks over and back with us.  We all laugh and have a great time.  Monkey runs across and doesn’t even think a think about it.

I try to sniff in the pipe holes, but Mom and Dad always cover them up so the skunks, raccoons, fox and other critters who like to den up can’t hunker down in the pipes.  Still I sniff, it’s interesting to see if anyone has tried to live in one of the pipes.

MM2Then we walk back home, sometimes fast (if it’s getting dark and colder) sometimes we take our time.  Either way, it works for me, and Monkey, just being outside with Mom is always fun.



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—My Job

I had company last weekend.

Not just little kids, but also DOG COUSINS!

Hank came!


Rocky Chaco Man, the Rottweiler and


Houston the Princess!

We did lots of stuff…sniffed around for news, found beefy jerky to chew on…carried in lots of milk duds for snacks and still chowed down on dog food!

Mom says the grandchildren are coming again TODAY!  That means Hank will be here again!


Then everyone will go for Sunday Birthday party at Scout and Darby’s place.  I don’t get to go.  Neither do all of Shannon’s dogs, or Uncle Evan’s and Aunt Jolyne’s dogs…but Hank DOES!

Mom says Hank has to go, because he will leave from Grand Junction to go back to Craig after the party is over.

I think it would be neat to go see Scout and Darby, pout, pout, but Mom says “No, Boomie…you have to guard the place.”

So I guess (sigh) that is exactly what I will do.




Back to Normal—Tuesday, December 30, 3014

We are back to normal…our children are all back at their homes- our  house is empty and lonely.

Boomer did really well with all his dog company– Puff Cake (this photo is from this summer as he was taking a nap have a hard run while irrigating) came and stayed with Boomer.WaitingShannon brought up two of her six dogs to hang out for a spell—Rocky and Black Beauty (sorry no photos), which added to Boomer’s joy.

I’m very behind with my comments and blog visiting, but I hope to get caught-up today!

Thank you all for stopping by and visiting.  The photo and video of the cougar that GNan sent was just stunning!

We have Mountain Lions here…


many a time we have walked down the ditch bank and saw paw prints in the mud.  Thankfully we have NOT met the ‘in-the’flesh’ cat.


Those big cats also hang out at Confluence Park in Delta..(the food source is rather plentiful there)   The city has placed signs along the walking paths to be aware of the Cougars in the area and how to defend yourself if you happen to meet one.


Anyway, today is getting us back to normal…Terry is hauling the next to the last load to the Elevator and I’m putting up the Christmas stuff.  Then when Terry gets back with the truck we will load out the very last load of corn from our Butler Bin into the truck.  He will either haul it today (you have to be there before 2 in the afternoon) or he will head down the first thing tomorrow morning.

We are so grateful for the call to take every last kernel of corn we have…who cares if it has to be there by 2 on the 31st.  The gift of having this year’s crop delivered and sold in this year is HUGE!

I hope this post finds all you doing well and ready for 2015…it’s almost here!

Your Friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Fuzzy

I’ve been thinking, Boomer.


What, Fuzzy?

I’ve been thinking about life, Boomer.  Life and all the good things that make up life.

I like to think about life also, Fuzzy.  What are you thinking?

Just this—If I could give you the gift of my years I would tell you to:


  • Never turn down a ride in the back of the pick-up
    • Oh! You are so right, Fuzzy. There is nothing like the wind in your ears and the ruffle of the air on your fur…like the ride in the back of the pick-up
  • Don’t forget riding with Mom on the four-wheeler. It’s the best.  She goes slow enough we can always smell the smells and see the sights and….
    • And Never worry about falling off, Fuzzy!
    • Right, Boom, we are always safe with Mom.


  • Cats are okay….even if I like to keep Sam-Sam from eating out of my dog dish—I still pretty much like him.
    • Me too, Fuzzy, me too!
  • The really fun things to do are barking the mailman and the FedEX man and the UPS man down the lane. Helps Mom and Dad know we are guarding the place and lets them know we are the boss.
    • And all the trucks coming in for hay.
    • Oh, Yes I forgot about the hay people. You are right!
  • Don’t forget helping Mom with the leaves…leaves are fun…it is fun to run and bark in the leaves while Mom works.
    • It is Fuzzy, it is!

There is just so much I would like to tell you, Boom, but I think you know.

I think you know.


Please let Mom know also, Boom.  It’s been wonderful here on the farm with Mom and Dad and you, my Buddy.My-Fuzzy-Dude-Brown

Oh, Fuzzy…How do Mom and I go on?  How?


One day at time…that is all you can do.

Good bye- my Friend, Good Bye.


Fuzzy passed away today, Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 11:00 am. He died in my arms with Boomer lying next to the dog bed.  We are devastated.  All of us…  Terry, Myself, Boomer and the cats.

Thank-you for loving Fuzzy as much as we have.  I will be back Sunday or Monday or Tuesday…I need some time right now.

Friday Adventures will continue with Boomer and myself, for life goes on, albeit much more lonely.Fuzzy 006

Fuzzy “The Dude” Brown




A New Dog in the Group — May 28, 2014

HELPClose to the cab of the pickup is Balou, Shannon’s dog…next to Balou is Molly, Shannon’s boy friend’s dog, the there is Boomer and Fuzzy (you know those two 🙂 ).  Behind Boomer and Fuzzy is Shannon’s ex-husband’s dog Rocky, then Hank Puff the grandchildren’s dog, the last dog is Buddy’s dog.  Buddy passed away two years ago.

It’s a pack of dogs, that is for sure!

Rocky and Balou are Rottweilers, Hank is a Marshmallow, Fuzzy is 1/2 Border Collie and 1/2 Sheltie, Boomer is a Beagle, Houston a Mountain Cur, and Molly is a Blue Tick Hound.


We were aware that Houston (better known as Princess) could climb trees.  On every walk she went, if there was a tree close by, up she would go.

Climbing-UpBut we didn’t know this…

Up-MollyCan you spot the Blue Tick Hound in the tree?

Tree-2Boomer just sat on the ground and watch with all of us

Molly-McDogWe are all very surprised.  She scaled the tree sniffing and exploring the whole way.  Then headed out on this very dead branch…we yelled for her to come down



Which she took her sweet time of hearing and understanding and coming down, minding is NOT something she has been used to doing.

This dog has live her whole life on a chain.  She was extremely timid, frightened and half starved.  I’m not sure, but I think she is between one and two years old.  Gradually she is learning it’s okay to be free, but you need to come when called, you need to respond when asked to do something…life is more than a chain.



Boomer just watches Houston or Molly climb trees.   He looks at them as if to say “Trees are for Birds Silly.  The best smells are on the ground”.

As for Fuzzy and I…we are learning what life is like in a pack…rather over-whelming, I must say.  Although, we don’t see them often when they do come over it’s a huge group to go with for a walk on the farm!

Hot-Late-SPring-SKYFuzzy and I really rather like the solitude of just us for a walk.  Bedlam is rather daunting.

It takes about 10 full minutes for everyone to settle down and get into the swing of how the walk is supposed to be.  Then just like geese we are off…Shannon and I in the lead, the two old dogs, Fuzzy and Balou bringing up the rear.

Have a good day everyone…just think You Could Be Walking in a Pack!

Tee Hee,

Your Farm Friend,