The Pause—Saturday, January 3, 2015


Winter colors are always so soft and muted.  They lend no warmth to the land…none.


While the colors of summer blaze forth and simmer in intense bold shades of red, orange and purple


Springs hues are all fresh and new…the new green of leaves as they unfurl, the sprigs of bright green grass showing up among the dry shades of winter brown,Either-WayFall’s golden flames shine forth from the brilliant trees to the bright blue of the sky

Winter-Sky2But winter…pale and cold and frigid.

Winter-3Surrounds everything in the color and feel of snow

Winter-Storm-4Wind relentless in its fury picks up the snow and flings it burning and biting into anything it touches

Winter-1The colors of winter…blue, lavender, pink and white.  The colors of silence, of waiting, of hunkering down, resting….

Your friend on a very frozen farm in western Colorado,






18 thoughts on “The Pause—Saturday, January 3, 2015

  1. I spend a lot of time pondering color and the way it makes me feel. Those winter colors are tough. I’ve never been a fan of pastel, and yet there they are on full, cold display. I recently saw a documentary about life in Greenland. It’s no wonder they paint their houses deep, jewel-like primary colors. Blue blue. Emerald Green. Mustard Yellow. And the Red-est Red. You’d have to, surrounded, otherwise, by all those pale frigid hues. Love this.


  2. Winter is not one of my favorite season of the year but it does have a few pretty aspects. As long as you don’t have to travel in it. SNOW


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