Right on Time–Winter’s Chill–Friday, January 2, 2015

Coming-InThe Sunday after Christmas a strong winter storm made it’s way across the Utah border and onto the the Uncompahgre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray accent on the pah). We watched it slowly fill in the canyons and draws, skimming the tops of the mesas until it started to push it’s way into the Roubidoux Canyon.  Once in the canyon it’s just a matter of a fast wind before it hits us.  We are the first mesa after you leave the canyon…you can see the flat lands below us (we are the last farm on California Mesa – just before the flat lands which drop off into Roubidoux Canyon.)

UpthereMonday morning the kids headed back in a snow storm, leaving well before the storm stopped.

By afternoon the Uncompahgre Plateau was white and we had about an inch of snow. Today we we have about and 1 1/2 inches— not a lot of snow.  But what we do have is COLD!

That typical cold, which freezes your skin the minute you head outside.  Your air puffs white and steamy as you breathe in and out, in and out.  With conditions just right you nose even freezes shut. Sure is a nasty feeling.


Boomer and I still go walking late at night.  The moon is almost full now, which allows me to walk without a flashlight—-although I do take one with me.

The air is crisp and full of sounds.  Sounds carry far in cold air…I can hear the coal train going through Delta on it’s way to Utah, I can hear the neighbors cows from over in the hollow, and the sound of cars and trucks passing way over there.


Boomer and I walk along …he smells all the news along the way, I see the foot prints…bunny, mice, birds, deer, Sammy the cat’s paw prints,  and other canine prints…dog? Coyote? Wild dog packs? Cy-dogs?  I don’t pause to decide what I’m looking upon.  Lots of our neighbors allow their dogs to roam the farms (never a good idea–a dog chasing livestock is sure to be shot).

When the chill starts to be too much we head back toward the house and the heat of the wood fire. Boomer settles back down for a long winter nap. After filling the wood stove I like to sit by the window watching the frozen world full of white/silver moonlight; the cats sit with me–Sammy on top of the sofa and Monkey in the window.  We all stare outside marveling at the mid-night beauty of ice, snow, and sparkling white moonlight.

Your friend on a very frozen farm in the western part of Colorado,





20 thoughts on “Right on Time–Winter’s Chill–Friday, January 2, 2015

  1. I’ve always lived in Zimbabwe and South Africa so have never experienced living where it snows, other than for short holidays in UK and Europe. I really enjoy your descriptions of winter, thank you.


  2. I love the winter in CO. We lived next to Wits End Ranch in Vallecito for three years. The snow there was the most snow I’d ever seen.

    The drive to and from work at Mercy Medical Center in Durango was the highlight of the day – snow sparkling on massive pines lining each side of the road reminded me of Christmas cards.

    I love to drive, so we drove all over the state – Colorado is beautiful country.


  3. I love your blog. We are new to Colorado. Just moved to Monument from Oklahoma. Still getting used to the elevation. Thanks for sharing your life.


  4. Linda, you manage to make it all sound exciting and i must say your photographs taken at night time are enchanting and have such an air of mystery. Keep warm. It is in this weather thay we say thank you for our wood burners isn’t it?


  5. Beautiful post! Your writing is so poetic…I always love the pictures and love it when the snowflakes fall all around your blog. It always makes me smile, Linda. Hope you’re getting through winter ok….your evening walks sound nice but chilly! Bet Boomer loves it too! Keep up the very good and poetic work!


  6. I think that your weather is even colder than ours..we had -18 two nights ago but the moon was bright and the sky clear. I feel the cold so much , it really gets into my old bones but it is what happens..soon it will be spring and we can start all over again…stay warm my dear


  7. I love how you described your walk! Makes me feel like I am there. I remember in Loma waking up early and lying so still in my bed, listening to the sounds. I would listen and listen to see if I could guess if it had snowed by the way the sound traveled. Good memories!


  8. We have coyotes here so I won’t go out at night unless I have to, but I too love watching the night – especially with a full moon. “…the mid-night beauty of ice, snow, and sparkling white moonlight” – Exactly!


  9. Winter is so different here in the Central Valley of California. As we waited for fall rains, everything was dry and yellow for a while. But now it’s green. The fall rains bring what the Indians called First Grass. The annual grasses sprout and just sort of sit there, enduring frosty mornings until March or so, when they’ll suddenly put on a growth spurt and head out, the time called Second Grass. it’s chilly here, and the days are annoyingly short, but the green is welcome.


  10. I can only imagine the sounds of silence carried on the crisp notes of winter. We live on a busy street, rarely quiet. I have heard the the train from my daughter’s home. When we helped them move, hubby would slide the back door open a wee bit to hear the sound of it on the tracks, and the whistle as it neared the crossing.

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