Confused Weather–Tuesday, January 13, 2015

rain.jpgLook at this weather!  Typical of summer, but not the middle of January!

More-RainAnd…it really isn’t all that cold—it’s 35* (I think that is 1.66 in celsius ???) right now. The ratty and tired snow is now gone and huge mud puddles in it’s place.  There is no really working outside in this. (Although, I will still need to haul wood for the fireplace.)

Yesterday Terry and I did some maintenance jobs around the yard involving the chain saw, we were able to do them without moisture—snow or rain.

We still have a list of chores that needs to be done and soon…one of them is to put a new roof on the tilehouse, another is to finish hooking up the wood stove in one of the shops, and of course the fences all need to be walked and checked.  The ditch company is very bad about just cutting the fence, if they want in …drives us bats.  We have gates—sure they might have to walk a short distance to get to the gate (we leave them open during farming season) and then walk another short distance to get where ever it is they want to be.  But no…they just cut the four strands of barbed wire – down the fences go and in they walk. Sure is disrespectful and (basically) lazy.

Anyway… (this is a summer rain photo with a Boomer nose on the side)Drain

I will enjoy this sorta–like summer rain and do some baking.  It will be nice to get caught back up on my house stuff.

Your friend,




14 thoughts on “Confused Weather–Tuesday, January 13, 2015

  1. I can’t believe the ditch company workers cut fences rather than use the gates. It sounds as if some changes need to be made at the upper levels of the company. We had freezing rain last night, so there are no puddles — just some slick spots.


  2. the fence cutting would make me FURIOUS!!! easements deserve to be handled with respect and courtesy! anyway, your weather seems similar to ours. we’re at 40, now, but moisture hangs in the air and sinks cold into the bones after our rains this weekend.


  3. Gosh, our weather is like yours. It’s crazy! Feeding cows with sweat shirts one! I’m not complaining, just confused. Hehe.
    Maybe you should electrify the fence? How rude of the ditch people. I’d be ticked and they’d know it. I tend to speak my mind, in a polite cowgirl kinda way. 🙂


  4. I know it’s messy Linda, but I’d welcome some of that warm weather after all the cold we’ve had here. I think we have a warming trend in sight, so hope we get some of what you’ve got! Sure like that Boomer nose!!!


  5. our garden is like that slushy, dirty snow with brown patches of sodden earth and the temperature was about the same…but to day, today the sun is out, the temperature has risen, the sky is blue and all is ok with the world ( well sort of)
    Hopr that you will dry up and warm up soon


  6. Sorry to hear about the fence cutting! That would be very annoying! Supposedly we’re headed for some similar weather this weekend; it’s supposed to get up to around 40 Saturday. I’m really looking forward to it.


  7. Crazy weather… Our schools are closed today since there is ICE around our area… BUT–the warm-up is supposed to get to us soon…. Just stopping by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Linda.


  8. We were supposed to get some of that warm weather as well but the inversion has hampered that – it was 2 this morning and thick fog. Hoping it blows out and we see some sun today – I’m ready!


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