Life is Full of Gifts—Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Today I’m another year old.  That in and of itself is a very nice gift!  Not only am I another year older I am in good health!  That is a HUGE gift!

Another (tongue and check gift) is I will be 66 two years in a row…HOW COOL is THAT?!

Not many people can have the same birthday twice, but I’ve managed to do so several times in my life.  When I turned 37 I was 38 for two years, when I turned 51 I was 52 for two years and then last year when I turned 65, (just like those other years before) I skipped being that number and rushed myself right along to 66—so once more I get to be 66 for a year!  I even up-aged my oldest daughter and then for some crazy reason I down-aged my two youngest daughters, my son got to stay his right age.


The weather is still dark and dreary and wet.  BUT the gift is IT ISN’T terribly cold!  When the sun does shine forth you can bet I’ll be outside dancing in it!  🙂


The fuel prices in our town have taken a decidedly nice tumble—although, I understand that falling fuel prices are NOT a good thing for people working in the gas and oil fields.


Terry gave me a really neat, sturdy outdoor jacket!  I just love it!  Full of pockets to carry my camera, gloves, scarves, you name it.  It’s sturdy and warm!  YAY!

I have many wonderful gifts…I wish to not single any one out, but this one is heart-warming and sad and special all at once.


Fuzzy and Boomer’s stories all wrapped up in two bound books, complete with photos.

Our daughter in Grand Junction, pulled the stories off the blog and had them bound in two books.

I cried when saw them.  Inside are all the animals our families have had…each granddog over the years and, of course, that wonderful wise dog Fuzzy and his side-kick Boomer.


The back shows the photo our Kelly, our son-in-law took of a rainbow over our house and farm buildings.  A rainbow is such a beautiful site and to have it right over our place is a true gift.

This morning I had many, many, many birthday wishes on FaceBook, emails of birthday wishes and several phone calls, and the post office has delivered many, many birthday cards!

I am so humble and over-whelmed at the amazing people who fill my life–each one of you are a special gift to all who know you—and most definitely a special gift to me!

Your (finally) 66 year old friend!



43 thoughts on “Life is Full of Gifts—Wednesday, January 14, 2015

  1. Happy birthday Linda, and what a special gift: your own Fuzzy and Boomer book, full of special memories. No wonder your eyes were moist. I’m just back from holiday and catching up with a big backlog! Nice to be checking in with your posts again. That looks like a seriously good jacket. Keep warm!


  2. Happy Happy Birthday Linda, May your day and your year be filled with all that makes your heart sing. I’m glad you are healthy and enjoying life on the ranch.


  3. Birthday Blessings, Linda!! Your daughter gave you the best gift ever!! So special! Have a good day….celebrate!! We never get younger!!! 🙂

    It is dark, cloudy, damp cold here today. We don’t have your moisture and mud, but do have the cold. It is one degree above freezing today, but sure doesn’t feel like it.



  4. Happy Birthday Linda. Your books are a beautiful idea for a special gift. Love the picture of the rainbow over your home. Gas prices in northern CA are $2.81 a gallon for regular. Our state is never as low as elsewhere, darn. It still is nicer than usual. About a week ago you posted about sheep and cattle being moved along the road. As I type this we are having a cattle drive down our road. all black Angus. Our Aussie, Mischief loves it. She pines to be loose so she can wreck havoc. The instinct is there, but not the training. Blessings today and all year through.


  5. Happy Birthday. You’ll have to explain to me you stay the same age two years in a row! I wanna do that! 🙂
    That is so cool about your books. How special!
    Your gas prices look great! In our little town they are over $2.00. In the big city just under $2.00. But it’s better then 5$!
    Hope you had a great day.


  6. Happy Birthday, it is always good to celebrate another year. I will be 70 the 23 rd of this month. I just don’t know where all those years have gone so fast. I think the Fuzzy and Boomer book must be a treasure, one of the best gifts you could imagine.


  7. happy Birthday my dear..I have the same problem with my daughters ages. The eldest daughter is always older and from that I work out the others so I am always 1-2 years out


  8. Happy birthday, Linda! The gas price there looks at least a good 10 cents better than here (at least last I checked). The coat looks very practical, and the books very nice! What a wonderful present!


  9. Oh, dear dear Linda! Happy HAPPY Birthday! I love your number-keeping system. I wish you’d calculate my age for me. And I LOVE that jacket. I want one now! The Boomer and Fuzzy books are just beautiful…I love binding books of pictures and making them real and concrete and permanent…but those are especially important to you, I know. I am happy you are celebrating another year of life on this amazing planet. Lots of love from over here, Charlotte


  10. Linda,I’m always a day late and a dollar short … Or two or three days in this case. Happy belated Birthday! The books are wonderful; what a perfect gift. I usually remember how old I am but it’s hard to remember our four kids exact ages sometimes … Mostly because I can’t really believe they could possibly be as old as they are!


  11. Oh, Linda, what a treasure you are! Love your always positive outlook! It is interesting how often I start out feeling like so many things are blessings, then let an event or comment ruin that. I think I will save this post as a reminder to be happy! And the books your daughter gave you are priceless.

    On another common note, my mother, who is very much like you in attitude, was telling everyone I was turning 40 when I actually was 38. Fortunately age doesn’t matter to me! Another birthday is better than no more birthdays!

    Happy Belated!


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