Back to Work we go—-Monday, February 2, 2015

It’s cloudy here!  Even foggy.  And cold!  So in this part of the world it looks like we are heading toward a early Spring!

YAY!!!!  Doing the happy dance here!  Spring is always a welcome arrival.


The heavy clouds made their way in last night, flowing toward us from the Durango area.  Although, the Uncompahgre (Un-come-pah-gray) Plateau looked clear, the setting sun flung this amazing red and hot pink color upon the gathering storm clouds.

NavyThis stunning HOT color is very unusual this time of year!


Normally the clouds are a pale wash of color; albeit still beautiful!

I have no idea WHY we are seeing this dark hue this time of year—it doesn’t matter because not matter what…I always love the sky!

Off now to haul more logs and to rake bark and twigs and chips…the cows come Wednesday or Thursday so we must get a move on!

Your Friend,



29 thoughts on “Back to Work we go—-Monday, February 2, 2015

  1. Before we got socked in with clouds and fog, we had ” hot ” skies too.
    I have some snow drop flowers that have been blooming for about a month! They come of even before crocus. Love those little white flowers. A for sure sign spring is here.

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous sky pictures, Linda!! We had a chilly wind here, today, but temps are to climb into the 60’s to 75 by Saturday!!! Pretty warm for this time of year. I’m afraid the trees are going to bud and then Winter will come back. 😦

    Love your header, too! Blessings!


  3. HI, George would love an early spring–but I still am hoping for just a little snow… We haven’t had much at all this winter so far. Sigh!

    Your sky pictures are marvelous. Have you all had a ‘bad’ winter so far this year?



  4. somewhere in the mists of future time I am sure that Spring will arrive in Bulgaria but at the moment it is snow and cold with bits of blue sky and sun now and then….have a good day xxxx


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