Those Wonderful Marvelous Girls — Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Even in the middle of winter

There is always so much to do.

Just ask T’Ata and Glory B…

Scattering Sandhill Cranes is just ONE of those fun things to do. 🙂

Your friend on western Colorado farm,


Beings that Brighten the Winter Sky — Sunday, February 2, 2020

A little shadow of a ringed-neck dove

The sound of large wings swooshing through the air

Watching the big birds landing

I love the calls ringing across the land

Rare that the cranes and geese mix, but they do

Their songs streaming though-out the trees

My heart lifts with them as they fly up, up, up

I love hiding so I can sneak up while they are pecking on the seeds

So I sing to you the song

Of the winter sky!

From my world to your heart,




Leaving Winter —-Wednesday, February 2, 2018

(I am posting some older photos today)

The geese are now living next to us in droves…um, rather huge flocks!  I just love it.

The Sandhill Cranes are also in massive flocks behind our house in last years cornfield.

I have been seeing small flocks of Bluebirds…wonderful little bits of sky announcing spring is almost here.  They will leave our area as the days and nights get warmer.

Then for the last few days I have been seeing flocks of Western Meadow Larks rushing about along the fence lines looking for left over seeds to eat.

What a joy this transission time is:  

The sounds of birds large and small, swift and colorful, gossiping and talking as they gather themselves for flights to the north, or come winging in from the south.

All the while taking one season with them, or bringing in another season as they arrive.

This is such a magical time, a herald of the marvel called Change.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Cardinals from Virginia—Thursday, February 2, 2017

from-ritaRita from CountryGirl-LifeontheFarm sent me two lovely photos of the wonderful Cardinals she has visiting.  Here is what she says:  “We have several pairs this winter and I’ve heard that when you have a cardinal there’s angels watching over you. I’ll send you a couple more of the pictures I took over the weekend.”

cardinalWe don’t have cardinals here so seeing these lovely brilliant red birds in real life, must be a feast for the eyes.

And to think the Angels have sent them as messengers is an even lovelier thought!

Thank you, Rita for sharing with me and with my blog friends!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




A Wee Walk About—Tuesday, February 2, 2016

East-1Our air started chilling down on Saturday night…growing thick with mystery and the  promise of snow.  The gray-pink clouds began enfolding the earth, as the sun set assuring us of a blanket white enchantment.


Sunday the snow started falling; winter’s promise was still alive.

Terry and I spent Sunday warm and safe.  Although, a little on the bored side.

Boomer and I took a wee walk in the soft, muffled air.  Boomer doesn’t really walk with me, there is always so much more to see and do than stay right by my side.  Of course, now that cows are here he tends to not drift TOO far away!

Snow-2 Waking on the farm  is to walk to the sound of silence — for even the cows are quiet  in the falling snow.

SnowWalking is satisfying,  getting outside is delicious.


Monday morning the snow was thick and lush and rich.  As I shoveled the snow off the sidewalks there was only my footprints, Boomer’s and the cats!  (I enjoyed being the only human foot prints in the yard. 🙂 )

Snow! That gift of water for the spring, summer and fall!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Back to Work we go—-Monday, February 2, 2015

It’s cloudy here!  Even foggy.  And cold!  So in this part of the world it looks like we are heading toward a early Spring!

YAY!!!!  Doing the happy dance here!  Spring is always a welcome arrival.


The heavy clouds made their way in last night, flowing toward us from the Durango area.  Although, the Uncompahgre (Un-come-pah-gray) Plateau looked clear, the setting sun flung this amazing red and hot pink color upon the gathering storm clouds.

NavyThis stunning HOT color is very unusual this time of year!


Normally the clouds are a pale wash of color; albeit still beautiful!

I have no idea WHY we are seeing this dark hue this time of year—it doesn’t matter because not matter what…I always love the sky!

Off now to haul more logs and to rake bark and twigs and chips…the cows come Wednesday or Thursday so we must get a move on!

Your Friend,