Friday and Saturday’s Update—Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tile-House-RoofFriday was so nice Terry and I decided to get the roof  on the Tile House…this is a little house that was once used to bottle milk and then became Grandma Brown’s wash house for laundry.  Over the years I’ve used it for many things, now it stores all my canning, food dryers, and the freezer plus  just plain “stuff” that I really need to go through and sell or give away.

We are so warm here that Terry and I worked in our shirtsleeves, in fact it was down right hot for a little while. Very unusual for this time of year, but I’ll take it.  I guess, I have to take it there is nothing else to do. 🙂

By Friday night we were done! DONE! Finished on the tile house roof…do a happy dance!  And very tired!

CowsAlso, on Friday half of the cows arrived; I counted 60 soon to be Momma Cows!

cows-1.jpgThey have made the rounds of the whole place checking everything out—here, there and everywhere.  Not stopping, but for a mouth full of this or that.  Today they have sorta settled down, picking one field, over by the barns, or by the other house and staying for several hours, then moving on to another interesting spot.

Boomer and I have taken a few walks out to see how they are doing…I just love being around cows.

Grand-Mesa-new-sizeToday promises to be just as warm as Friday and Saturday, the sunsets are still stunning in their summer-like colors (you are looking North toward Grand Mesa) , this is the day we take off, which is always nice.

I hope your Sunday is a good one, where ever you are!  Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.

Your Friend on a Western Colorado Farm





15 thoughts on “Friday and Saturday’s Update—Sunday, February 8, 2015

  1. Have a wonderful day! This weather is so… wierd :-} 70° yesterday. Hope that it doesn’t stay this way for long or we’ll be on fire watch :-/


  2. One summer, in the mid-1970’s I took my wife (born and raised in Southern California) to where I grew up in Oklahoma. She had never seen cows in a pasture before; you would think she was seeing her first puppy – all she wanted to do was run after them and “pet them.”

    That same trip, she found a box turtle ambling along one of the dirt roads. She was accustomed to seeing desert tortoises and picking them up. When she did so with the box turtle and it pulled its normal defensive stunt, the resulting look on her face and remark was priceless; “the turtle peed on me! Why did he pee on me?”


  3. I’m glad you had some great weather and got another job crossed off your ‘to do’ list. Hopefully you’ll have some time now to enjoy being around the cows and checking up on the new babies as they arrive. More cold weather is headed our way. I’m not sure if it’s going to miss you or not.


  4. Happy cows!
    This weather had been unreal! I have daffodils and tulips coming up. Along with buds on trees. I hope, oh boy do I hope we dont have a late hard frost. But in the mean time, this weather is awesome! 🙂


  5. What a treat to have that unexpected warmth! and to have the tile house done. You must be so pleased. PS Are you the ‘Farm Gal’ who has posted some nice comments as ‘Anonymous’ on my blog?


  6. Oh boy, have I got some stuff I could fill a Tile House with!!! I need one now. But alas, that’s not the lay of the land here in Italy. Applauding you and Terry’s hard work. Another job well done by the looks of it. THE COWS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I’d love watching them too.


  7. You have so many interesting buildings around your place. Who knew! A tile house no less! Makes sense if that is where they were keeping milk but I’ve never heard of such a thing,


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