The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Flat Stanley

“Hey, Boom!  Wanta go to the mailbox with me?”  Mom asked as she stopped by my dog house. I was taking in the sun, sound asleep.

You see the sun had just made its way to shine fully into my doghouse warming up the interior and me!

I was stretched clear out having a good dream.

HUH! I woke-up in a flash.  “I do!”  I said with big grin as I trotted off behind Mom.

The walk to the mail box takes a little time; you see we have to go ‘down the lane’ to get on the main road. Once down at the road we have to walk a little way down the road to the mail box.  Mom doesn’t want me on the main road so I hang back by the culvert until she gets back from the mail box.


Down we went…I sniffed here and there all the way down…Foxy and Red passed by—Pepper walked across the road and left a few smells for me.

Back home Mom sat down on the back step and started opening the mail! “Oh! Boomie, guess what?  Rory and his second grade classmates from an Elementary School in the deep-south has made a Flat Stanley at the first of this year’s school year.  Rory’s Flat Stanley has gone to several states then to a blog friend, Sara.– ( Sara has sent Flat Stanley to us.”

“Flat Stanley!!?”

“Come on, Boomer! You and Flat Stanley are going to have a great time.”


So off we went—first Flat Stanley took a ride on the 630 John Deere tractor, then he checked out the hay yard, after that we came in and had lunch.  Mom took photos so she could send them back to Rory’s second grade class.

“It’s time to say good-bye to our little friend, Boomer.”  I’m putting him in the mail to go visit a cotton farm in Littlefield, Texas on the next post.


I graciously said good-bye to Flat Stanley and wished him a great trip traveling here and there and everywhere.

Good-bye, Flat Stanley Mom and I hope Rory enjoys seeing the world through your eyes!



27 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Flat Stanley

  1. Such fun and great memories. Our grand daughter, now in high school sent us Flat Stanley many years ago. Since it was in the middle of a snowy winter we dressed him in a quilted jacket, boots, etc. So much fun sharing the Indian heritage of Scott Valley’s past and our daily lives. Alfalfa raised here in N. CA is shipped many miles. Stanley even went and visited Mt. Shasta. We were told later that Stanley had traveled to many places and even across the ocean. Thanks for sharing.
    Good dog Boomer about staying back from the road. Thanks for the news about Foxy and Red. It would be neat to see them.


  2. Hi, Boomer! Yes, Flat Stanley visited me on my cotton farm. I have several pictures of here but can’t print them, so have to wait till I go to the city on Monday to do it. Glad you had such a good time with him. It is such fun and I know he loved being with you. You really had some good pictures with him.



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