Fire Roads—Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fire-Road-1Terry and I spent yesterday sprucing up the fire roads.  We lived here for years and years and never had to have fire roads, but in 2012 all that changed.

Our neighbor two miles from us started a fire on one of his fields and left for lunch. Didn’t check or stay with it or, well, anything. From 11 in the morning until around 2 in the afternoon he didn’t even know what the fire was doing.

We did!  We knew!  And so did the other people in the path the fire.  The whole thing was frightening.  It took several fire departments to put out the blaze, which didn’t occur until evening…in the process we almost lost a barn and all the farm equipment.  Thankfully, Mr. Davis’ cows and calves were okay.  It was a nightmare day.

Guess what…the next year he sat his fire again…I just don’t get people who use fire to clear the farm ground….put it back into the soil…it’s better for the soil and the air.  Not to mention safer.

After the first fire we built fire roads, because you see, this man STILL burns off his land every spring, he says he likes the results better.  😦

MeThis is the tractor I drive, it has the loader.  The loader and Terry’s has the blade, we make a good team.  After years and years of hand signals, I think I am FINALLY figuring them out.  🙂

CowsWhile up there we checked for calves, nothing yet.  I think those girls are going to all pop at the same time!  One day we will look out and see 60 babies on the ground.  There are 80 cows out there, but surely not all 80 will lay down a calf as the same time.  🙂

Off today to look for a wood chipper and log splitter.  I would like the wood chipper for the two yards for mulch and Terry is tired of splitting wood by hand. We may not find one we like but at least we will start the process of looking!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm



31 thoughts on “Fire Roads—Thursday, February 19, 2015

  1. It’s a shame you have to spend the time to build and maintain fire roads, but it’s probably a good idea considering what your neighbor has caused in the past. I’m happy to say that burning to clear land is more rare than it used to be around here.

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  2. how i wish that farmer had gotten a bill for the fire departments’ efforts to contain that fire! maybe then he’d have smartened up! i can’t believe he just left it burning! the words that come to my mind are not ones i can put in print.

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  3. I’ve been trying to get a chipper/shredder for a while. Hope you find a great bargain!

    Maybe if the fire departments had charged him for their efforts; and everyone had billed him for their losses and expenses, he wouldn’t like burning so much.

    I despise uncaring neighbors. 😐

    Have a blessed weekend!

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    • Uncaring is the word. 😦

      We looked today and nothing! I really want a chipper–I guess I’m going to have to order one. The thought of the freight makes me shudder.

      Terry is tired of chopping by hand so he really wants a log splitter.

      I guess we will just keep looking!


  4. Yes, it’s that time of year again :-/ I am sorry you guys had to go through that in 12. I know how scary it is. Let’s all hope and pray “no fires” for anyone this year! It’s a lot of work. Yet the “safe” feeling it leaves you with when it is finished is SO worth it.
    Calves any day :-). Yea!

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  5. Too bad you can’t fence out fires. I guess fire roads are a good alternative. Glad you and your farmer can work together to get things done. As for chippers and splitters–big danger. Be careful. Although you both work around and respect heavy equipment all the time. Working with a log splitter is a close as I ever want to come to using explosives, but it sure goes through a stack of wood cleaner and faster than an axe. Could you rent one for a day or two?

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  6. There is a neighbor south of us that has had numerous uncontrolled fire. Ticks me right off!! Yesterday people were out burning tumble weeds against the fences. Makes me shudder to think it’s only February and people are burning!!!
    I don’t know if I will ever understand all Cameron’s hand signals! Lol! They seem to change! Ha! Oh well, keeps life interesting… 🙂
    Good luck finding a log splitter.

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  7. Around here people burn off the ditchlines along the road, usually there are drives and tilled fields as firestops. We picked up a used 20 Ton gas splitter years ago at an auction, one of the best purchases we ever made! Between us and a neighbor it’s gotten a good workout. I would love to have a chipper but the ones that are big enough are pretty dear. Like you, I keep looking!

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  8. While I don’t understand why he wants to burn can’t he be held liable for at least burning responsibly? My goodness! I live in Illinois….lots of prairie and there are burns. Specialist are always called in and stay until the burn is done. Sorry you have to deal with such a sucky neighbor!

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  9. what a very stupid man your neighbour is…does he not read newspapers and see on TV about the fires that destroy property and wildlife. Can’t you complain to town hall or whatever to get him to stop . It endangers your life.
    Wood chipper and spliter….that will save time and effort…my man still does it the hard way..He says what else would he do with his day if he was not splitting wood. He stops work at midday

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    • Terry blew his elbow out this fall, so the jarring of the ‘old way’ is just not making it anymore. Although, he much prefers the old way. We have found a splitter we like, now he has to check on if others have had good luck with it. I hope so, my pile is ready for chopping! 🙂


  10. Linda, thank you for sharing your farm with folks. Farmers and ranchers in Kansas burn pasture every year to keep down scrub brush and trees that grow in pastures. The farmers and ranchers are very careful while burning. They have a lot of equipment to keep the burning under control and in the Flint Hills,which is in the middle of Kansas. There is thousands of acres and it is done in a time schedule in the spring so there is not a lot of smoke at one time ,but must be done in a very short time frame. Here where we live ,burning is done a lot from middle of March through middle of April. It gives cattle fresh grass to feed on. The farmers and ranchers are considerate of folks around them and usually several land owners do the burning at the same time,so they can all help keep it under control.Sorry about your neighbor being so careless.
    We are dry here,but had light snow last week and sure helped the wheat. Looks like may have more snow this weekend. Take care all. From south central Kansas, Sharon Drake

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  11. We have ranchers here who burn during the fall, but there are good roads for buffers. At 3,000′ it burns slower. It gets rid of unwanted growth in pasture land. Here in CA you have to have a burn permit. Here,my DH, a retired firemen, says you can be responsible for damage to other properties and charged suppression costs for the fire responders. We have had a wood splitter for some years (being in our 70’s) I usually split and Tom fills a utility wagon and stacks. It doesnt take us long and saves us so much work. Or like he says, so we can work on something else.

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  12. We have just a few people that still insist on burning their corn stubble/wheat fields here. But just those few can sure get out of hand with the winds that will suddenly come up here. We don’t have to have fire roads, however, as the land is so flat the trucks can just drive into the fields. No fences either except for a single strand electric fence occasionally for cattle. Too bad you have to do all that work for a feller that won’t watch his fires or quit burning altogether!!

    Snow coming in here tomorrow early they say! Have to get the chickens ready….again!



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