The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai, on Friday—-I Am Home, Friday, February 19, 2021

I am HOME!


I didn’t know this was home for a little while, because, after all…. I had a home with MOMMY first.

But something terrible happened.

I didn’t even get to have all the proper time with Mommy when someone picked me up and threw me out-the-door.

I used to live with Mommy, we had food, and I had Mommy, and we played, and I learned to use the potty box…everything was nice.

Then suddenly someone with big boots (I hate big boots; I scream and yell and try to kill big boots when I see them) booted me out the door.

I wandered around for a long time.

Then a special thing happened.

My new OLDEST sister found me wandering in the parking lot where she parks to go to work…I meowed LOUD so she would see me.

She saw me!


I spent the rest of the very long day with my new BIG sister at her beauty salon getting held and petted by all sorts of nice people.

Then on the way to my NEW MOM AND DAD, I screamed and yelled and cried because my tummy was terribly empty and I wanted some food.

As soon as my new Mom saw me, she opened up a can of YUMMY soft cat food.


(It took me a little while because I had to eat a small amount then go play, come back eat some more until I got full.)

Once I got my tummy full, and I had a big play with my new felt bunny, I fell asleep and slept a long, long time.

When I woke up I knew I was SAFE!

Mom and Dad call me TLC, (Terry and Linda’s Cat) TLC CAI-CAI (sounds like Kay-Kay).

I am a boy!  A big tough strong BOY!

I like to do STUFF—I run through the house, I hide and try to get Mindy to play with me,

I hang out on Dad’s lap; watch his IPad with him,

and take a nap on his lap in the evening.

I make sure I am with Mom everywhere she goes.  And if she doesn’t get me breakfast first thing in the morning, I TELL HER!

We have a very special understanding of things, Mom and me.

I have a small problem of needing to suck on something just before I go to sleep, Mom and my oldest new Sister think I was weaned too soon.  They think I was around 6-7 weeks old when I was tossed out to fend for myself.


Mindy doesn’t really like me.  But I’m working on it.  I run at her and try to play, I sit and watch her sleep, and I try to get as close to her as I can when she is eating.  I think she will start to like me if I do those things.

At least I hope so.  Mom says I need to tone things down a little bit.  I don’t know about that.  I only tone down if Mindy tells me!

I live inside…I don’t even want to go outside. But Mom says not for a long time can I go outside.  It’s too wet and too cold and too nasty.  And Mindy might take me off somewhere and dump me.

I’m not interested in that ‘dump me’ situation again.


I have box



A whole slew of mice

Girrrafe (I growl when I play with him)

And my most favorite of all things


I’m so glad to have Dad, and Mom, and Mindy!

TLC Cai-Cai

The Time Has Come — Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The rancher started moving the cows yesterday and will finish today

They took the moms and the babies in very roomy trailers off to the nursery

Much closer to his house and barns

Sometime today they will arrive with large semi’s.  Load the remaining girls up.

The end of watching the soothing peaceful beauty of the  cows grazing on our farm

Until next winter…then.  Good-bye Girls. See you in a few months.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




I Believe in Magic—-Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I believe in Magic…sometimes when I open my email there is a gift to me of pure Magic

And this morning was one of that marvelous Magical moments

A long-time blog reader sent to me these photos of the moon around 3 p.m. at his place

After an exquisite ice storm swept through

The beauty of the ice-covered trees, a jet flying over-head, and that magical moon!

Thank you so much, Mr. Cooper!  Your photos dazzle us!

From my world to your heart, Gentle Friends,



The Last Game of the Year—-Sunday, February 19, 2017


It was a very exciting game.  The Cardinals were behind until the third quarter.  Then gradually, ever so slowly, they increased the score until they….WON!


It’s always a rush of warm joy to see the Parachute family!   I hug and kiss those darling grandchildren (and they kiss me back even though they are ‘big’ now)


Then it’s time for Terry and I to drive back home.  I always feel a small hole in my heart with the departure.

home-againBut then we are are home.  A calmness enters my soul and welcomes me back to the haven called our farm.

From my world to your heart,


Fire Roads—Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fire-Road-1Terry and I spent yesterday sprucing up the fire roads.  We lived here for years and years and never had to have fire roads, but in 2012 all that changed.

Our neighbor two miles from us started a fire on one of his fields and left for lunch. Didn’t check or stay with it or, well, anything. From 11 in the morning until around 2 in the afternoon he didn’t even know what the fire was doing.

We did!  We knew!  And so did the other people in the path the fire.  The whole thing was frightening.  It took several fire departments to put out the blaze, which didn’t occur until evening…in the process we almost lost a barn and all the farm equipment.  Thankfully, Mr. Davis’ cows and calves were okay.  It was a nightmare day.

Guess what…the next year he sat his fire again…I just don’t get people who use fire to clear the farm ground….put it back into the soil…it’s better for the soil and the air.  Not to mention safer.

After the first fire we built fire roads, because you see, this man STILL burns off his land every spring, he says he likes the results better.  😦

MeThis is the tractor I drive, it has the loader.  The loader and Terry’s has the blade, we make a good team.  After years and years of hand signals, I think I am FINALLY figuring them out.  🙂

CowsWhile up there we checked for calves, nothing yet.  I think those girls are going to all pop at the same time!  One day we will look out and see 60 babies on the ground.  There are 80 cows out there, but surely not all 80 will lay down a calf as the same time.  🙂

Off today to look for a wood chipper and log splitter.  I would like the wood chipper for the two yards for mulch and Terry is tired of splitting wood by hand. We may not find one we like but at least we will start the process of looking!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm