One–February 22, 2015

CalfThere is a new little critter on the farm!  I don’t know if its a male or female, but to me it doesn’t matter.  We saw this darling little calf yesterday.

Since we are in the middle of a arctic blast, cold winds and snow flurries (it will leave out of here by Tuesday) there will probably be several more.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



21 thoughts on “One–February 22, 2015

  1. What a cutie! Love the coloring. Calving here has been so nice. No snow, no ice cold temps. And 11 heifers to go. I always think when it’s ice cold and those little babies hit the ground. It’s like jumping in a cold lake in summer. You gasp for breath! 🙂 and you hope they don’t stick to the ground. 🙂


  2. Sweet little thing. I must say that it doesn’t look particularly cold but then, as the farmer always says – once they get a good dose of their mother’s rich milk down their throats they can stand any amount of cold.


  3. Of course the babies come when the weather gets cold. I don’t start till end of March. But Dan will start with the heifers in a week or so. I hope the weather is good for him then. He keeps them close so he can get them to the barn if the weather is bad. Usually they can go out again as soon as they are dry and have sucked. My cows have their babies down in the hay field but they have lots of timber and brush to get out of the weather in. Love calving as long as the weather is nice!


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