In One Day’s Time—Tuesday, March 3, 2015

shadows-3.jpgYesterday we woke-up to a yard looking like this, only without the shadows or the clip of blue sky.

By early morning it started raining and raining.  For a short time a mist would hover over the land, then the clouds would open again.

TodayBy evening, when I went to get the nights firewood the lawn looked like this…my boots squished across the sodden expanse.

Later in the evening as I readied for bed I could see lightening flashing in the west. Could we have turned the corner from winter to spring thunder storms?  Possibly, only time will tell.

Your friend,




19 thoughts on “In One Day’s Time—Tuesday, March 3, 2015

  1. Our snow is also gone now, but we’ve been told to expect another snow and ice storm Wednesday night. Power still hasn’t been restored for everyone, but we could get 3-5 inches of snow and/or ice. I’m really hoping the forecasters are completely wrong on this one!

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  2. We are getting snow right now then the rain and sleet come in around midnight, but I don’t think it will melt all our snow. (at least 3 feet) Glad you didn’t have to contend with the snow for long.

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  3. Today I cooked pinto beans, fried potatoes, cooked cabbage and corn bread and I thought of you. The beans did it. I do have a question, when I wash pinto beans there is always sand and need to be washed two or three times, when I cook navy beans or Lima beans there is no sand in them, I was wondering why. Glad the snow is gone, now the mud starts, Boomer will need his paws washed before he can come in.

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  4. Are those storms from us? If so, they didn’t do us much good. The weather people warned us of 4 days of solid rain, with snow in the mountains. The ski resorts got snow, but the rest of us got only intermittent rain and a who’lotta cold air. If it’s a nuisance for you please feel free to send it back!

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  5. It took two days here, but we are bare…for now. Huge storm headed our way with heavy snowfall after heavy rains. We are beyond soggy here. Ugh.


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