Two Jobs Completed–Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dirt-3We got all the dirt loaded and dumped.  It was an all day thing.   It took us both. Seems these big jobs are requiring both of us anymore.


Thank you everyone, for the Magic thoughts, prayers and for crossing your fingers and toes—it all helped.

We have also got the sheet rock up in the kitchen, it just needs to have the seams sealed and for me to paint…then that job is done.

The extra room is taking shape, but it’s slow.  I got all the bricks and motor and other things cleaned out of the coal room itself, Terry is now working on expanding the coal room into the extra small room.  Once this is done we will move the hot water heater and the —soon to be purchased—furnace into their very own area.  After that it will be wiring the room for electricity and putting up sheetrock and laying the floor then we are done.

We found out last night that Mom-Mom and both granddaughters are coming for the weekend.  It seems that Tally is homesick also.  Mom-mom said she was too, so they are all coming in this afternoon.  What a fun time we will have.  Although, Terry says he is going to have to stay steady on the room, because he WILL start farming on Monday.

That’s alright, Mom-Mom says she will help and the girls will be happy because there is the treehouse, and kittens, and other fun things to do.  I’m sure we aren’t going to work ALL the time…even Grandpa adores snuggles and 4-wheeler rides and …you know, all those things that make life wonderful.

Thank you once more.  Two huge jobs down and one to go!

Your friend,



10 thoughts on “Two Jobs Completed–Thursday, March 12, 2015

  1. We have noticed the same thing, it takes both of us to do a job and we run out of steam much faster. We have been trimming some small trees and it just wore us out. My husband is on oxygen most of the time and it is really hard for him to be off it and outside very long. He still tries so hard and sometimes it breaks my heart. Love that man and appreciate him and his health.


  2. you two work so must be like trying to push water up a hill…….forever there is always something to be done so it will be good for the weekend to be a family time and to relax for two days…have fun and enjoy your family


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