The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Okay, I Can Do This, Friday, March 12, 2021

I can do this.

I really don’t want to.

I want Mom and Dad all to myself.


I’m getting used to HIM.

It helps he is growing older.

By this time in my former life of having children, I would have sent all my kids off into the big wide world to have adventures by themselves.

But…no, here I am an ancient cat (I am at least nine — heading toward ten, Mom thinks) having to raise a kid!

I do pretty nice, most of the time.

Although sometimes I just have to, I MEAN HAVE TOO, swat at that boy…he gets too carried away.

So…we’ve worked it out.  I have my chairs, he has anything else, that I don’t want.

I get the whole outside.

He is terrified of the whole outside (GOOD!)

I get Mom and Dad.

He gets Mom and Dad.

I get time away from him.

He gets to know me (some).

It’s coming together, Mom says.

I suppose.

Mindy Cat

Day Five— Repairing the Water Line — Thursday, March 12, 2020

Since it was another very late day, everyone was was tired.  The general consensus was if you try to fix something this late in the day, with everyone tired, it will not go well.

Terry had turned the water off already so we all headed home for a rest.

Then back early, early the next day to find the leak.

Richard ‘witched’ for the line. I found this really cool.  He let me try.  I could do it.


Then it was time to begin.

Yep, there it was. A rock…more than likely, as the boring machine head and pipe moved under the road.

It took some time…a run to the hardware store, repairing the leak, turning the water back on,

Then covering the hole; making the road perfect again,  (Once more it was getting late in the day…you can see the shadows are from the west as they work.)

Since the next day was going to be another HUGE big day — with the need to be rested and refreshed.  The work stopped for the night.

See you tomorrow when we work on the the tile line in the field!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Behind—Very Behind—Tuesday, March 12, 2019

ALL Photos were taken a few days ago when we had a break in the weather!

We are having rain again today; the air is sharp and cold, there is a feeling of snow just there on the surface of the rain, but not really.

The blessing in everything there is no wind.  Although, the wind would take the rain away…just say’n.  (I guess I’m being fussy)

Although the moisture was very needed, the weather gods need to slow things down a bit and bring on some warmth and sunshine.

Farming is already three weeks behind and everyone is starting to get extremely worried. Our clay ground needs to have time to be worked up, left to mellow out, before it can be planted.

So here we are waiting…and the rains continue.  Maybe soon we will see sunshine and warmth.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Stretching My Self—-Monday, March 12, 2018

I’m gradually moving myself forward into the the now and present world…

The computer is starting to respond in a way I can understand…..although, I’ve lost my photos someplace, somewhere on some drive—that has be a tad stressed out.

So to complicated matters and to keep my 69 year old brain growing

I decided to purchase and learn a smart phone.

From a flip-phone to smart phone…another huge learning curve!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Farm Waking to Spring—-Sunday, March 12, 2017

I finished cleaning and prepping my gardens by the the corrals, which led me to figure out I had better get the corrals back into order, fences and gates in repair, take down the metal fences and store them until next year (for when the cows come).  Clean out the loafing shed and move some things around.

A little squirrel chattered at me, from one of the corral posts;  the call of a Robin sitting high in the Willow tree made a sweet song as I worked.

Terry finished plowing one field and started rolling it.  The soil is just right for plowing, but drying fast.

so the rolling had to occur as soon as he could hook up the roller or the earth would turn into clods.

In the fresh extra edge, of cool air and rising sunshine Saturday morning we finished the last load of the wood. A slight breeze moved restlessly caressing our work heated skin.

It was a lovely feeling. 

Friday and Saturday we kept a steady pace.

Then as the day came to a close, cool mist of the evening rose up to wrap the world in drifting peace…the Red Winged Blackbirds came to feast; filling up their tummies for the long night of rest.

Their songs high and sweet— and full of joy!

From my world to your heart,


Two Jobs Completed–Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dirt-3We got all the dirt loaded and dumped.  It was an all day thing.   It took us both. Seems these big jobs are requiring both of us anymore.


Thank you everyone, for the Magic thoughts, prayers and for crossing your fingers and toes—it all helped.

We have also got the sheet rock up in the kitchen, it just needs to have the seams sealed and for me to paint…then that job is done.

The extra room is taking shape, but it’s slow.  I got all the bricks and motor and other things cleaned out of the coal room itself, Terry is now working on expanding the coal room into the extra small room.  Once this is done we will move the hot water heater and the —soon to be purchased—furnace into their very own area.  After that it will be wiring the room for electricity and putting up sheetrock and laying the floor then we are done.

We found out last night that Mom-Mom and both granddaughters are coming for the weekend.  It seems that Tally is homesick also.  Mom-mom said she was too, so they are all coming in this afternoon.  What a fun time we will have.  Although, Terry says he is going to have to stay steady on the room, because he WILL start farming on Monday.

That’s alright, Mom-Mom says she will help and the girls will be happy because there is the treehouse, and kittens, and other fun things to do.  I’m sure we aren’t going to work ALL the time…even Grandpa adores snuggles and 4-wheeler rides and …you know, all those things that make life wonderful.

Thank you once more.  Two huge jobs down and one to go!

Your friend,