The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Robins


The Robins have returned!  Mom is so happy she stopped at the store and bought a bag of mealy worms.  I stuck my nose into the bag, but…whew!  It didn’t smell so good.

Then Mom, Dad and I went for a 4-wheeler ride and checked on the cows and calves.


They are all looking good.  Mom thinks there are about 10-15 cows left to calve.


That’s a good thing because they cows all have to leave next week.



The bigger the calf is the better to hoof it down the hill to their next pasture. (It isn’t far, just down the hill from our other house, but a long way when you are brand new.)


Hank’s HERE!  We’ve had a great time already…we’ve barked Mr. Davis down the road, Hank has barked at all the cows a few times (it always gets him yelled at… ‘Hank, stop!  You can’t bark at the cows’!)    We’ve checked out all the buildings and the equipment by the farm yard and hung out in the house with the little kids.

Oh, yes…the little girls are here and their Mom.  My Mom says Hank and his family get to stay here clear until Sunday afternoon!

I know Hank and I’ll be tired when they hit the road, but it will be a good tired.




15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Robins

  1. they’re always so cute, the newer the cuter. i drive past a pasture of 1-year olds (you’ve seen, across from Corn Lake on 32 Road) — and they’re still cute and look and act like “kids”
    no Robins in our yard quite yet. if you’ve mentioned hearing (and seeing) the Sandhills, I missed it. We heard (and saw!) our first of the season last weekend, near the Mesa at the Delta County Line ~ ~

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