The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—My Job

I had company last weekend.

Not just little kids, but also DOG COUSINS!

Hank came!


Rocky Chaco Man, the Rottweiler and


Houston the Princess!

We did lots of stuff…sniffed around for news, found beefy jerky to chew on…carried in lots of milk duds for snacks and still chowed down on dog food!

Mom says the grandchildren are coming again TODAY!  That means Hank will be here again!


Then everyone will go for Sunday Birthday party at Scout and Darby’s place.  I don’t get to go.  Neither do all of Shannon’s dogs, or Uncle Evan’s and Aunt Jolyne’s dogs…but Hank DOES!

Mom says Hank has to go, because he will leave from Grand Junction to go back to Craig after the party is over.

I think it would be neat to go see Scout and Darby, pout, pout, but Mom says “No, Boomie…you have to guard the place.”

So I guess (sigh) that is exactly what I will do.





14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—My Job

  1. Boomer, I’m glad you had a great time with your dog cousins last weekend, and I know you’ll have fun this weekend as well. It’s too bad you have to stay home and guard the place, but Mom and Dad need someone dependable to do that.

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