Good Fences, Spring Farm Work, and Rain—Thursday, March 19, 2015

It rained off and on yesterday and then some into the night. The sun is out, our air is fresh and lovely, my lawn(s) are starting to green up, and I have lots of plants popping up in the flower beds!  Life is good!

Plowing-1Terry plowed until it got too wet.  So far there isn’t enough rain to cause our clay type of soil of harden into bricks.

Years ago we had a brick and tile making company that used our clay soil to make bricks.  Today those bricks are much sought after as a collector item.  That’s our type of soil…also our worry about rain.


Delta County Historical Society photo Delta Brick and Tile factory showing kilns, drying sheds and stacks of finished brick. This view is taken from a spot on California Mesa and shows Delta in the background.

You can read about it here:  Delta Brick and Tile Factory

Anyway, so far so good.

Theresa from The Run*A*Round Ranch Report always hosts Thursday Good Fences and Gates.  Sometimes I have neat fence, gate or gate opener to add to the fun postings on Thursday.  Today I have one—–

Scratching-PostThis is a scratching post on our place.  Terry put it up for the cows…a nice back scratch is always good!

Head on over to Teresa’s place and see her photos, then visit some of the other participants for a look at their cool fences and gates.

I hope each of you have a really nice day!

Your friend,




29 thoughts on “Good Fences, Spring Farm Work, and Rain—Thursday, March 19, 2015

  1. My Dad built a similar scratching post on the farm when I was growing up. I had almost forgotten about it until I saw your photo. It’s interesting about the brick and tile from your type of clay. There’s a huge tile manufacturer in Crossville, so there must be similar clay around here. Our yard contains more rock than clay, however. I hope the rain doesn’t cause you any problems.

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    • We used to hang bags with fly powder between the gates posts, also. (Back when we had cows year-round) As they came through the gate the cows would hit the bag and dust themselves. They thought it was fun and I enjoyed no flies on the cows!


  2. Morning, we received light snow this morning. It’s pretty and not cold enough to do damage to the tender plants coming up. Yea! Spring! It’s really not far :-). Thanks for sharing about the brick company that was not far from you. There used to be one in Longmont, too. I am not even sure that there is one left in Denver. History. It is great soil for such things… Have a wonderful day!

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  3. Very interesting about the bricks! Glad you are seeing signs of spring. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow! Not excited about that but hopefully its the last hurrah. I got my very first crocus up yesterday!

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  4. Love your photo of the tractor and the plow. Brings back good memories of the scents of fresh turned soil, black birds singing about spring, and the relief that we’ve made it through another winter.

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  5. The clay is interesting. There are interesting clay pools here that fill with water. Horses can’t walk in it, they will sink. But the cows can. The cloven hoof.
    A scratching post is way better then the fence! 🙂

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  6. very cold here I think winter is coming back again..poor plants don’t know which season it is and neither do i.
    Is your soil still used for bricks?
    A back scratcher…there are frequent time that I need a back scratcher like that but all I have is a long handled spoon, not quite the same…and why is it that my itches are in a place where I cannot reach?

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