First Blooms of the Season–Sunday, March 22, 2015

The apricots are blooming!

Apricot-tree-6All our trees (we only have four) are ancient apricot trees.

Apricot-tree-5The one on the farm road has pink blossoms—it is the only one on the farm to have pink blooms.

Apricot-tree-1The one at our house has white blooms

Apricot-tree-3The other two in the yard of the other house are a cross between pink and white

Apricot-tree-4But the pretties of them all (to me) is the one on the farm road.

Spring has now officially arrived…the Apricots are blooming!

Happy Spring all my friends! Β Or Happy Autumn if you are now experiencing the cool down — opposite of our warm up!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,






28 thoughts on “First Blooms of the Season–Sunday, March 22, 2015

  1. How glorious. Here in NZ I am eating the last of the apricot harvest (not mine; from the shop), and savouring every bite. And yours are just beginning their journey to fruiting.

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  2. Very pretty! Welcome spring! πŸ™‚
    I have quite a few flowers blooming. And the nectarine tree is just starting to bud. I mowed, or I should say vacuumed the lawn. It energized it, now it’s turning green. The wild flowers in the pastures are coming too. Love this time of year.


  3. Isn’t it woNderful how spring blossoms just seem to pop up overnight! (All a memory for me now only). I used to love this time of year in Oregon. Your trees are amazing! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Happy Spring to everybody on the Colorado Farm!


  4. such beautiful trees, it reminds me of the Almond tree blossom when we lived in Spain..smelt beautiful and looked fantastic.
    Weather here is sunny but there is a biting wind, yesterday was sunny and warm


  5. Beautiful! The daffodils are up in my yard, which always means spring to me! (But now, I want an apricot tree, those are lovely)!


  6. i could almost smell the dust from the tractor in YOUR NEXT POST but stopped here as all around the neighborhood the bloomz they are a-comin’. soon, the irr. ditches will run …. not as much to do as you, but even on our small spread we have to spend many hours just gettin’ the irrigation system goin’ also.


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