My Eighth Year of Blogging–Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This month I have been blogging for eight years! Over that time I’ve learned much about blogging…the first posts were so dismal…I just posted a photo with the word (for instance) Terry plowing and under the photo I wrote–plowing.

Over time I began to understand how to blog so it was at least a tad more interesting. 🙂

Although, this started out as a farming blog, in reality it really hasn’t changed much.  It still is a farming blog, but it is also a tiny peak into our lives and the lives of the animals that live with us on the farm.

One-downYou get to see the struggles, and the successes. Yesterday we worked  on ONE of the broken gated pipes (we still have two more to go).


You’ve met our children, and our grand children and all the dog grandchildren.

FuzzyYou cried along with me over the loss of my Fuzzy.

My-BoomerAnd now you are reading a fictional serial with Boomer as the Star.

MeI have grown older in the eight years



and so has Terry.   Every year he says he is going to stop farming…then comes Spring and he begins again.  This year he said: “I guess I really can’t stop, I think my blood is really made of dirt”.  We had a big laugh at that, but you know something, it just might be true. 🙂

Big-SkyAnyway, thank you, each and everyone of you, those who comment and those who just drop by and visit for a spell.  I appreciate you…it makes blogging extra fun.

Very humbly, your friend on a farm in western Colorado,





49 thoughts on “My Eighth Year of Blogging–Tuesday, March 24, 2015

  1. Your farmer sounds very much like my farmer here. 72 in a couple of months, he will never stop farming – slowed down – yes – let off some of his land – yes – but still fully occupied each day. It would drive him crazy staying indoors.

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  2. Linda,
    I’ve only been blogging since 2013 but your blog was my inspiration and I’ll never get tired of watching for and reading your posts. Though we both have farming lives, they’re different in so many ways because of you being in the west and me in the east. Please don’t stop!! Love to Terry and Boomer!!

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  3. I really appreciate your blog and all the others that you have introduced me too. Its been great to read it daily along with the fact that I know that area pretty well from my wife’s [passed] family. I have family in Paonia, Crawford, Delta, Peagreen, Montrose, Olathe, Ouray, Silverton, Durango, and Telluride. Some are kissing cousins that I see infrequently and others that I have ongoing conversations with on the phone or via Facebook. Terry and you will know when its time to retire the tractor, kick back, and enjoy life. Do not wait for the ground to kick back. ❤

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  4. I really love reading your blogs….learned a lot about nature, farming and good people. I agree with Terry that there is dirt in the blood of farmers and gardeners. I have been learning about phenology….when to plant according to nature signs. I am ready…so ready but the spring rains have begun which we need. Thanks a lot for your dedication and sharing your lives with all of us. Celebrate !

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  5. Linda, you are amazing! Terry, too, and yes, you too, Boomer! Thank you for all of the smiles, tears, laughter and enjoyment you have brought! Here’s to the years to come 🙂

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  6. Eight years of finding time in your day, eight years of finding something beautiful, sad, interesting or funny to tell us, eight years of beautiful photos, eight years of sharing the joys and pains with us. I’d say that was a fairly impressive run! Thank you, and long may it continue.

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  7. I’ve learned so much from your blog about farming and enjoyed every minute of it as I did. But it is your personal posts that make me feel as if I were one of your close neighbors (one who is very poor at the business of farming needless to say) … But you do have a lovely way of creating a community with your posts. Thank you and happy Blogiversary!

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    • I like the idea of being close neighbors. I also have enjoyed spending the winter with you in tropical Florida and taking those outstanding trips with you in the summer!


  8. Eight years! How sad that I only found you a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, your blog (and life) brightens, cheers, inspires. (Except for the heartache of loosing Fuzzy). Look forward to the next eight!

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  9. Wow, eight years! I pop in and read everyday but don’t always leave a comment. I enjoy reading about your everyday lives and have learnt a bit more about USA history. Congratulations and keep on blogging. Laura


  10. that is 2920 congratulations one for each blogging day..yes you have surely grown and prospered in your writing but I think that is the same with most of us, dabbling our toes test the water, then once we get more confident, everything falls into place and blossoms just like your trees.
    There have been sad times and there have been good times, this is the nature of life…but you and Terry have always worked so hard and have achieved so much….
    It amazes me that you can throw so much into your life and still have time to do other things..very much like Miss C…farming folk are definitely made of stronger stuff than us mere mortals.
    Happy Anniversary Linda and may you have many more to come….


  11. I have enjoyed reading about your days through the years, definitely a more interesting life than I have. Please keep entertaining us for many more years.


  12. Congratulations Linda. Your post are always fun to read, (or very moving). They have certainly given me an insight into how hard farmers work and how completely reliant you are on the weather. A few days of not dropping by and I feel that I am missing a friend – great photo of Terry! Thank you.


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