It Was a Wild and Stormy Day (as per Snoopy of Peanuts, fame) —-Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Yesterday was one over those miserable cold days March is famous for.

But, gradually, ever-so-slowly the sky started to clear

Spreading sunlight in a glowing strip

Along the base of Grand Mesa

Highlighting the ‘Dobie foothills in a marvelous bath of sunshine!

From my world to your heart,


Then the Following Night —- Sunday, March 24, 2019

The cat, dog and I had to take another try at that wonderous March Full Moon

The clouds were staying away

The air had a softness to it

And the moon still looked full

Although, it wasn’t really any more

Nor did it seem as close to the earth as it did the other night

Still, for a time the moon transcended the boundaries of the ordinariness of every day — making everything seem magical.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




My Eighth Year of Blogging–Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This month I have been blogging for eight years! Over that time I’ve learned much about blogging…the first posts were so dismal…I just posted a photo with the word (for instance) Terry plowing and under the photo I wrote–plowing.

Over time I began to understand how to blog so it was at least a tad more interesting. 🙂

Although, this started out as a farming blog, in reality it really hasn’t changed much.  It still is a farming blog, but it is also a tiny peak into our lives and the lives of the animals that live with us on the farm.

One-downYou get to see the struggles, and the successes. Yesterday we worked  on ONE of the broken gated pipes (we still have two more to go).


You’ve met our children, and our grand children and all the dog grandchildren.

FuzzyYou cried along with me over the loss of my Fuzzy.

My-BoomerAnd now you are reading a fictional serial with Boomer as the Star.

MeI have grown older in the eight years



and so has Terry.   Every year he says he is going to stop farming…then comes Spring and he begins again.  This year he said: “I guess I really can’t stop, I think my blood is really made of dirt”.  We had a big laugh at that, but you know something, it just might be true. 🙂

Big-SkyAnyway, thank you, each and everyone of you, those who comment and those who just drop by and visit for a spell.  I appreciate you…it makes blogging extra fun.

Very humbly, your friend on a farm in western Colorado,