A Little of This-A Little of That—Monday, April, 13, 2015

faint-sundog.jpgAs we were finishing up the last set of the day yesterday evening, I saw a Sundog in the western sky.  It wasn’t as bright as Sundogs are in the frigid winter months, but it was still there just the same.  The old-timers say if you see a Sundog cold weather will arrive within three days.  Looking at the 10-day forecast for our area…Wednesday we will see a dramatic cool down.    Seems like this weather phenomenon going to ring true.

1The White-stemmed Evening Primroses are starting to pop out all over our rocky hillside, on the cactus hill, and the Coyote hill.  They are also showing up in the deserts all around us and between Delta and Grand Junction,Colorado.

2If you are not really paying attention, as you speed along, in your car these precious white flowers look like someone flung trash out their car windows scattering the trash everywhere.  Slowing down, or even pulling over and stopping the car, gives a person a rare treat of these lovely desert flowers.

FamilyWayne and Carolyn, Terry’s sister and brother-in-law,  stopped by for an over-night stay Saturday.  They were on their way back home to Arizona, after attending a funeral of Wayne’s Aunt.  We were very grateful they made the detour to come see us for the short-time they were in our state.

BookendsMy tremendous work load is just about to ease.  It is looking like we have potential renters for the other house.  I am crossing my fingers and toes everything works out.  I have been stretched so far I can’t even get started on my yard.

Evening-setWe finish up the irrigation of the alfalfa field tonight, then it will be only the corn field.  The irrigation of the corn field is coming along as well, it just takes time, because it is such a huge field.  Once that field gets wet, we move to the smaller field by the house…Terry hopes to plant corn the first week in May.  Boy is time flying.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment or just reading.  I enjoy sharing this tiny spot of our life, on this part of western Colorado with you.

Your Friend,




20 thoughts on “A Little of This-A Little of That—Monday, April, 13, 2015

    • Me too, Jan! I really can’t do anything justice…some house work, some work on the other house, no work on my yard, irrigation, lots of work on the other houses yard…no time for my yard. Although, today I am forcing myself to do so.


  1. I hope you did a thorough check on these “new” renters and hope to hell that they
    have had a rural upbringing!
    I dread to think that they turn out to be these “lifestyle changer” people who seem to crop up with disasterous results in rural communities – World wide!
    Thankfully there are many of these people who listen to the advice given by rural people who understand rural life, however there are also some who can’t be told and “KNOW” everything. So fingers crossed for you and Terry.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The wild flowers on the range ground are popping all over. So pretty! We don’t have any cacti here. At times I wish we did. We do get this cute little flower I call a rock rose. It’s actually called bitterroot. The wild phlox, shooting stars and my fav, stink daisies. Lol! They are called arrow leaf balsamroot. The bright yellow is stunning amongst the green grass and reddish rocks.
    It amazes me that these fragile flowers come back year after year.
    Yea on new renters! My fingers and toes are crossed all works out well for all parties involved.


  3. Your blog is always a sweet reminder of growing up on the farm. The headgate, irrigation, fertile fields, etc. Happy for the potential of renters. Hope they care for the place as well as you. Hugs to Boomer.


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