To Which Man Gives His Heart—Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Farm“Let no one think that real gardening [farming/ranching/etc.] is a bucolic and meditative occupation.  It is an insatiable passion, like everything else to which a man gives his heart.” –Karel Capek 

Gradually, gradually everything is moving forward with just the right amount of speed and with few set backs.  I just about have all the winter rubbish off my yard, only one more spot to go, Terry has all the corn ground worked up and is marking out the last field even as I type this. More-last-set

The alfalfa field is receiving it’s last set of irrigation– then we move full-time to the first corn field. (Hopefully we won’t have to walk the water through the rows, but there is a possibility…when the ground is too dry-not enough snow in  the winter—the water absorbs quickly and doesn’t want to make its way down the rows. Or there is lots of trash caused by blowing winds,  then we walk each stuck furrow; making the furrow a little more wider and a little bit deeper helping the water to move on, soaking just a little bit, heading to the end of the field.  We leave the water 12 hours then move it again…in the 12 hours the rows will soak up so the set can be changed.)

hg2This is the head gate...I am terrified of the head gate, although the water isn’t high here the headgate is deep, the board you walk on has no hand railing….I just much prefer Not having to do the work on the headgate.  Although I can IF I have too.  😦

The yard is completely cleaned at the other house and I got the hoses out ready for whenever the tile lines fill up with water and I can start water down there.  My hope is the potential renters will be moved in and can run the hoses for me.  What a gift that will be.  Also, the potential renters didn’t like the bubble gum pink bedroom (for little girls) so I need to get to town soon and buy paint so I can repaint that room.  They have no children, she would like just a nice bedroom for guests.

Also, I have a new stray cat.  She is a very nice older cat, but has something going on with her eyes.  Today I will take her in an see what is wrong with her eyes and get some medicine.  The potential renter lady would very much like to have the cat after it is well.  I think that is good move for both the cat and me.  But if not this kitty can stay here and be loved.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to walk the shelter dogs.  I feel really bad about that, but hope to get there this week sometime….maybe on Friday.

Thank you, once more for stopping by!

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27 thoughts on “To Which Man Gives His Heart—Tuesday, April 14, 2015

    • The water starts in the mountains around us…Taylor Reservoir and the Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison county, and the Ridgeway Reservoir in Ouray county. then the water travels to the headgate of the Uncompahgre Water District by the waterway of the Uncompahgre River. Once at the headgates all the farms along the way receive so many shares of water. The shares are very expensive and go with the land when sold. After the water leaves all the farms it then dumps into the Gunnison River to meet back up with it’s parent the Uncompagre River.


    • The visit to the vet was very good. The kitty is in good shape, except for the chronic eye condition …wind and dust make it worse. I can now her the sweet old girl.


  1. Karel Capeck is a very perspective writer.
    I think you could in all honesty say – “Truer words have never been written”.

    Another cat – good God! Maybe the new renters may take it and give it
    a good home. I guess it is another “dumped” cat – terrible what some people

    Lovely and fine here – the rain has at last gone.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

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  2. Have you watched the show “Leader of the Pack”? I just starting watching it and was thinking you have a similar way with animals. It is amazing how they can improve with love and care!

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  3. OH dear linda, with all you have to do and you still feel bad about the shelter dogs. You are the most amazing woman! You really shouldn’t feel guilty tho. I hope the renters work out… Have to admit I can understand they might not want a pink bedroom, but think they might have volunteered to paint it themselves. Good luck with the new kitty.

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    • I think she would have painted it herself, but I asked if she could paint without getting paint flung here and there and everywhere…she looked a bit sheepish and said no. So I decided to have a clean paint job and not having to replace the carpet it would be best if I did it. 🙂


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