Fooled—Sunday, May 10, 2015

For a short time yesterday, I thought the rains and the clouds had gone away…to come back another day.

Raining-Again-2So I started to hang my clothes on the  clothes line to dry….FOOLED!  The rains came down and down and down—again!

!This cold miserable weather even has the summer birds wondering why in the world did they come back so quickly–it feels like winter.

We even have the wood stove going again it’s so cold.

2Although, I must admit, everything is greening up and looking lovely (if we don’t get a freeze) and the weeds are in heaven!

Today the renters move in!  I am doing a Happy, Happy Dance. A joyous dance! YAY!

Your friend in a wet and soggy world,



32 thoughts on “Fooled—Sunday, May 10, 2015

  1. Hanging out clothes and washing our car used to be a sure way to make it rain, but it hasn’t helped in the drought. Send rain our way, but keep the cold. 🙂


    • Haven’t seen hanging clothes in a very long time. I remember my mom hanging clothes in the late winter, early spring and freezes would come along. My blue jeans would stand in the corner, next to the little floor heater, like the bottom half of a person thawing so I could go to school.

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  2. Mother Nature needs a calendar! 25° @ 4am with lots of snow frozen to the trees 😦
    But, Happy Mother’s Day! May the sun shine!


  3. Oh, that has happened to me. One time I hung the laundry out, only to have it rain for two days. Things got so wet they were hanging on the ground and had to be washed again.
    Be safe and thank you for all you do!


  4. Light to steady rain is excellent for clothes that are hanging
    on outside lines. Cleans them right out and gives a freshness
    to them.
    That is a very attractive bird – what it is?

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  5. Funny how you can be rainy, soggy and fed-up on one hand and doing the Happy Happy Dance on the other! Life is like that! All mixed up. Weeds ADORE rain, don’t they?? When I get back to France after the wet wet spring, we have to pick our way through a jungle of weeds taller than we are…until I get around to “dealing” with it. Take that, weed!! Get ready for battle…


  6. It seems like hanging out the washing has gone out of fashion the last few decades. We still do that, but this being Africa, we have loads of sunshine. Our clothes dryer is used in dire emergencies only. There is just nothing as good as the fresh smell of bed linens dried in the sun and wind.

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  7. Hey Liinda .. something about clothese lines! Happens to me all the time 🙂 Lovely little yellow bird. I do hope your weather gets better. We are chugging into winter. eek, the only good thing is, boots and jackets! Take care ..

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  8. Our coloRado kids said yesterday that they had snow after a week of rain. He said ‘so gray, we might as well be in Seattle’ ( they moved from there to get away from the gray). DIL messaged me this morning that it is supposed to be 70 this morning and the snow melted already. Hope yours is improving too. The clothesline pic is so good… Tells the whole story right there.


  9. That bird is so pretty! So happy you have renters now…I would say now you can put your feet up and relax but it is spring on the farm. 🙂


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