The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Hat and a Coat

A surprise arrived from my sister and brother-in-law, who live in Grand Junction, Colorado.

It was a Mother’s Day present for Mom, but in reality, it was a gift FOR ME!!!  Boomer!  Boomer Brown! (I love saying my name! BOOMER, BOOMIE BROWN!)

Sherlock Boomer!


Now I can wear this when I’m on the case.

Not only that—



I’m the face of the Beagle wearing the hat on the lady’s, Gale Moore’s web page of Doggy Duds!


Sherlock Boomer Brown, Your Servant and Detective Extraordinaire



41 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Hat and a Coat

  1. O Boomer, you look so sharp. It would be a great cover picture for your book. I like the serious picture the best. We had flowers delivered this mornng for my Mother’s Day. Such a lovely surprise. Linda, have a wonderful Mother’s Day, too.

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    • Mom is going to have to sit down and get my story into book form. Then she said I can have my Photo on the back flap–there she will tell all about me.



  2. Boomer, you look simply dashing! Best dressed detective around. You might want to start getting your game plan ready for action because when Halloween rolls around, I bet you will be extremely busy with lot’s of cases for lost/stolen doggie treats. It would be good to get an early start.

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    • Oh! Now that seems like a good thing. I’ll just let those squirrel brothers know there are cases on horizon. Knowing them they will want to be in on the hunt!



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