Coming Soon—Monday, May 18, 2015

Cold-Snap-1Gosh, are you getting tired of this old song?  I sure am.  Another sever storm is due in here tonight.

CS1The sky never lies…a sun dog appeared as we were changing water in the alfalfa field, beautiful and prophetic.   Back home I checked the weather station and, sure enough, rain, wind, and snow heading our way. The good thing is it’s an over-night sort of deal then followed by some cooler weather.

Thankfully I still have some wood for the woodstove, not lots, but, hopefully enough!


So far everything is looking good in my yard and on the farm, the cactus hill covered with blooms

1A trip out to the edge is always a treat …I just love these White-stemmed Evening Primrose..the weather has been perfect for them.

Since another storm is heading our way, Terry has decided to wait to fertilize and start the water on the pinto bean ground.  This is the last irrigation on the alfalfa, then it will be time to cut it.  We will need a week or two of lovely warm sunshine when that happens.

Off now to load up DRY wood and put it under the carport.  I hope each and everyone of you have a lovely day,

Your friend,



16 thoughts on “Coming Soon—Monday, May 18, 2015

  1. we are getting wave after wave of storms and rain here. i’m grateful not to have your snow or the tornadoes that are affecting so many others. but i know you’re fighting for crop survival there and that puts a whole new spin on weather.


  2. Hopefully beautiful Spring weather will soon come to stay in your part of Colorado. We saw a picture of the Visitor’s Center in Rocky Mountain National Park completely covered by snow.


  3. My goodness, you just can’t seem to catch a break with the weather, can you? Sure hope the snow and cold do not come to you. We are also to get storms tonight, but just flooding rains and wind, compared to your snow. The cotton farmers cannot get in the fields to plant and time is getting short. After the rains they must be ready to sandfight, as the rains bring silt up to the surface and when the wind blows it can be disaster for anything that is planted. Even our gardens! So let’s pray neither Colorado or Texas get the bad stuff!



  4. We just got rid of a weekend storm! Most of it went south east of us. High winds, thunder and lightening and flash floods! We got just a trace of a rain!
    Hunker down my friend!


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