Sunlight—Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miserable-1The cold rain and the sharp wind of the last few days has just been miserable.


The little birds have sat around in puffed feathers all hunched up…looking just…miserable.


Iris-1The rain has been lovely for my yard

Iris-2Everything is rich and lush and green.

LeavingLast evening, in a huge rush of wind, the clouds started parting and waving good-bye heading toward the north and the east.  (I waved delightedly to them as they left! 🙂 )

LHBAll the birds feathers laid back down

FemaleSongs filled the soft evening air!

Today we have scattered bits of sunshine, lots of bird songs and joy everywhere!

I hope you have a most lovely Sunday…a day of Sun—it looks like we will have!

Your Friend,


12 thoughts on “Sunlight—Sunday, May 17, 2015

  1. I am happy for you that the rain has gone and now
    the work with the planting etc will not be disrupted.
    However I am not happy as to where your rain went!!!
    Today here is Monday and it started raining here
    at midnight and looks like it has set in!
    Such a bloody shame that it didn’t just stop over
    California, which needs rain badly.
    Ah – bloody umbrellas again!


  2. It has been so busy I’ve not even gotten the hummingbird feeders out! Sheesh and I know I have friends that have seen them. Guess I better get on that! Your iris are lovely!!!


  3. I am wondering about the hummingbird feeders you use. Are they glass and is the bottom nectar holder easy to clean? I’ve been looking for some like yours but haven’t seen any. Thank you.


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