An Odd Year — Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WRThis weather has been rather strange for us.  Usually we are warm and sunny and dry.  Possibly a few scattered showers and thunderstorms off and on, but not this constant flow of winter like storms moving through.

RainYesterday afternoon we experienced wild and stunning lightening, wind and huge wet drops of rain. I stood out on the ditch bank trying to get a photo of lightening. I didn’t make it.

This is another of my bucket lists photos I hope to achieve someday…lightening.  So many of you have accomplished this feat, but not I—not Yet!! 🙂

CamomileMy yard is lush and rich with color and plants and weeds!  It’s just lovely.

Although, very hard on the farmers and the planting of our yearly crops—crops are the way we make money…no crops no money, it’s just that simple.  Some of the farmers are just now getting the corn in the ground…extremely late.

Terry is thinking (if we don’t dry up soon) he just might not be planting the pinto beans.  They need to be in the ground the 1st day of June.

DayAh, well, the day shows us a break in the clouds where blue sky resides.  Always a pleasant site!

Thank you for stopping by!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


34 thoughts on “An Odd Year — Tuesday, May 19, 2015

  1. Your rose is beautiful! Lots of blossoms. It’s snowing here, again – totally wierd :-/ I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your wonderful pintos!

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  2. Are those orange flowers roses? They’re lovely. Our weather is unseasonably cool, too, although I remember on this very day, when I turned 7, it was storming something terrible. I’ve loved rain ever since. ❤ I do hope it dries up for you , though. Not being able to plant pinto beans would be a travesty! And so would losing your corn. 😦

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  3. ours has been an odd spring, too. wave after wave of rains storms – so much that i’ve not seen one field in the area baled for hay yet. by the time they’re able to get the first cutting this year, they will normally have been baling the 2nd cutting. that’s kind of scary.

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  4. Weather is very important to all of us but especially farmers with timelines to achieve. Think about it ! Weather determines what we do and affects us mood wise too. Here in Idaho are facing the same type of storms and its unusual for us too. Last storm brought us 1/2 of rain but the weeds just say Yum, Yum and keep growing. But at least our lawns and flowers are loving it too. Need to mow the lawns soon. I hope you get a pic of lightning soon. My camera allows me to video tape so you can get the sound and pic. Does yours ?

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  5. You may not have succeeded in capturing lightening, but you definitely succeeded in capturing — and beautifully — Nature Who is Bigger Than We are…that storm looming overhead with that tiny swipe of ground underneath is STUNNING. We’re tiny in this world. I love being reminded of that.

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  6. I feel ya with weeds I the yard! Ugh! We had such a mild winter, then it decided to freeze! My lilac blooms froze out!
    If you get our weather, it’s gonna get nice. 🙂
    Sunny and 75 today. But, the wind. We just live in a canyon that the wind likes to blow through! Ha!
    Love your header with the orange flowers.

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    • Oh, good I sure hope you get the moisture you need. Still lots to do on the field, the pintos must be in the ground on the 1st day of June. Fingers crossed we make it.


  7. God – the weather “gods” have got Colorado well and truly in their sights
    this 2015 spring.
    Is there a possible seed that can be sown later if the pintos can’t be
    planted in time??
    The thought of a no pinto crop to supplement the corn crop is TOO horrible
    a thought to contemplate.
    Such a pity that weeds are not saleable eh? Come to think of it there
    probably are some people who would “ooh and aah” at a little weed!!
    Nah – just too frivolous to contemplate????
    ( Or is it??)
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
    PS: 7.50 am Wednesday and the fog from the Pacific has cloaked the city
    in – Pea Soup variety!)

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  8. Linda, your header is stunning!! So hope the weather clears for you so you can plant the beans. We got more rain here, today, also.



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