HEY LADY!!!!—May 20, 2015

Hey-LadyThis darling little Bullock’s Oriole keeps cheeping at me.  I sure wish I could understand bird songs. Anyway this little guy has become my friend.  He is never far away as I work in the yard.  I talk to him all the time.

FemaleHis lady is much, much shyer.  Flits away and tries to hide.  It’s like she is saying…”You are silly brave, Honey!  Be Careful”.


Sunny with lots of mud here.  SUNNY!

I hope your day is full of sunshine!  We all need sunshine!

Your friend,



18 thoughts on “HEY LADY!!!!—May 20, 2015

  1. You are so lucky to have such a lovely little colourful
    bird to amuse you.
    Ten years ago I had plenty to watch in my suburbia yard and visits to my balcony,
    now only the bloody murderous Indian Mynas, “Beethoven’s Black
    crow choralists”, the rare flock of rainbow lorikeets on a nectar raiding
    party, magpies, pee wees, a nesting pair of plovers (which are afraid
    of neither man or beast) in Spring and the plain old occasional
    pairs of pigeons! Sparrows also now all GONE!

    Seems at long last the “powers to be” are going to do something about
    ridding us of these murderous mynas! Only taken them 100 years
    since these were imported to kill a bug in wheat crops in Western
    Australia!!! ( The mynas didn’t like the bug!!!!!)
    So I do enjoy looking, Linda, at your backyard bird visitors.

    Absolute Pea Soup again this morning – good – means a lovely
    warm sunny Autumn day.

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  2. I look at the weather map on TV every morning…all around you there are nice warm temperatures except in Colorado…..here ther is rain , cold , winds and even snow…yet not a million miles away California is suffering for lack of rain…now even an oil slick in the sea…seems to me that the world’s weather patterns are completey screwed up.
    love the colourful little birds, so sweet, I saw some that colour in our village but not close enough to see what they were…just a flash of bright yellow
    Have some sun today, dry up the mud, gather some grain and get some jobs done….

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  3. I’ve only ever seen Orioles in photos. We’ve got a bright orange bird hanging around instead of moving northward, but it’s a Summer Tanager. I don’t know why he’s hanging around. No mates here.


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