Making Headway–Thursday, May 21, 2015

Everyday we are making more and more headway.

GreenIt’s cloudy again here today, with rain coming in this afternoon.

walk2.jpgOh, well.  It is what it is. This is a photo of Boomer and I walking up the ditch bank, moving the dams and helping Terry set the tubes for the alfalfa field.  You can see the baby corn coming up in this (our largest) field.Hubby

The tool of our trade so to speak. 🙂


Terry has also started working on the new motor for the corn combine…he’s waiting for a couple of parts to come by UPS and then we (mostly him) will take the old motor (it got hot and created a mess) out and this one will go in.

Evening-2Last’s nights sunset was beautiful…full of amazing colors…it’s so true, if you just stand still, when you are outside you can hear the earth breath!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



26 thoughts on “Making Headway–Thursday, May 21, 2015

  1. Your vistas are beautiful…..we take the bitter with the sweet in the weather department. A storm is heading our way too by tomorrow but I am ready. Its been getting hotter lately and yesterday the afternoon breezes did not arrive. My garden is growing too ! Where did Terry learn how to do mechanical engine work ? Jake of all trades….that hubbie of yours. !

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  2. If the Department of Agriculture for the state of Colorado gave awards
    for perfect ploughing – Terry would top the class.
    Your new header shows it all for us to observe.

    Waiting for parts from UPS!!!
    I wondered where I had seen those three letters
    before – US Cargo planes!
    This company has direct flights LAX to the three
    Pacific side cities here up to 4 times daily each city.

    No Pea Soup morning today (7.00 am Friday).
    clear as a bell. Just plain perfect for an Autumn day.

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  3. It’s always something, isn’t it? I hope the fix on the combine motor goes smoothly.
    Hearing the earth breathe—I’ve only been someplace like that once. It was magical.


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