A Small Gift—Sunday—May 24, 2015

We have company today…our kids and grandchildren from Craig…what a joy!


So for today I share with you my yard…the rain has been wonderful for my yard (and for the weeds)


It’s been a curse for the farm, but today is a celebration!


Therefore, I share my yard with you.

Garden!I hope your weekend is a good one my friends!




24 thoughts on “A Small Gift—Sunday—May 24, 2015

  1. Good for you and Terry to have the family for a visit.
    Give you some relaxation time, well I hope so.
    I gather Misty and co.? The young ones will
    keep you on your toes – ha ha.

    Weeds!!! The ” Archilles Heel” or rather the “curse”
    with apologies to Homer’s Illiad, of the gardener.

    Lovely weekend here of sunshine, but starting to get
    brisk in the mornings – only 3 months really to September
    and Spring – but bloody August I am again dreading.

    Cheers and have fun
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

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  2. That garden is beautiful! I am envious of all that lushness…but I know it is like that because you have worked HARD to make it like that. So happy for you that your kids and grandkids are there.


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