A Jewel Sitting in the Middle of Work—Monday, June 1, 2015

CanyonWe, Terry and I, are at a wee breathing spot…a little time in-between.

All the children and grandchildren have left— going back to their every day lives.  We so Love them dearly.  But when they are here they are the focus and the intent for the day.  All we possibly can do revolves around them.


We also had the most wonderful gift of old friends (who are traveling through) stop for the evening. We talked forever outside drinking iced tea, as the day waned into the evening, watching the swallows flying high and low catching mosquitoes for their supper.

DarklyAs dark descended we gathered up our glasses and came inside continuing to tell stories from the past, stories that are burned into your mind, memories that make you laugh-out-loud, just like you did those many years ago.

Orange-and-ApricotGradually the glooming turned into true darkness, so I turned on a lamp or two.  Still we sat comparing concerns over the economy, where the future is for our children and grandchildren, plans for the near future for ourselves and thoughts about ‘next year’.

AprictoThen it was truly dark.  All of our senior citizen eyes were wanting to close, yawns were being discreetly stifled, bodies wanting to slump.

It was time to leave.

Later, much later, Terry and I were sitting up in the dark of the night; the silver moon lighting up the room.  We sat side-by-side talking about the past week, all the hugs and loves–the swarm of activity —-  the grandchildren’s parents coming to  spend the night and head back home with our precious little ones.  The good friends we have made over the long, long years of our live.  Friends, to not only share memories with, but future plans, we decided—it’s okay be old.  It has taken a lot of living to get to this place, but with that ‘lot of living’ we’ve had some pretty darn nice things happen.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



28 thoughts on “A Jewel Sitting in the Middle of Work—Monday, June 1, 2015

  1. A magical evening, a gift that is long remembered. You have a beautiful, clean, descriptive way with words. Thank you for sharing this lovely day with us; it’s so clear in my mind I might almost have been there.

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  2. That Is the right attitude! Getting older is just another adventure in life! I know what you mean about life revolving around the kids when they visit. When our grands were the ages yours are I wondered how we ever managed to raise our own kids and do anything else. Because with the grands, I didn’t do anything but play with them! (But that is the luxury you have and parents do not.)

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  3. What a lovely post! People usually talk so negatively about getting old – but there are some good things about it! All the friends and family and memories are wonderful! (And it sure beats the alternative…) 🙂

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    • I think the hard thing about getting old is you KNOW you are slowing down…even if you keep active your body just isn’t as agile or quick anymore. Makes a person so aggravated.


  4. Oh Linda what a lovely post. Made me teary. One of the most lovely things we can do is share our experiences, memories and wonderful times with people we love. Future plans, growing old – cherishing our lives and how lucky we are! Thank you 😀

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  5. I love the part where you and hubby sat and just talked. We do that too, some evening we don’t even turn the tv on, we just talk about every thing. We will be married 50 years July 18th. He has been so sick we have been praying he lives until then. More tests this Friday, maybe some good results from this one. Love the man You are blessed to have, life can be snatched in a second. Your posts show such love for your family and them for you. God has blessed you richly.

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  6. Beautiful post, Linda! Your sky pictures are so pretty, too! Love your hummer header, such pretty little birds! Reflecting on the past is one of the most fun things about getting older. I recently got to get together with a friend I had not seen for 20 years! We talked into the wee hours talking and laughing! It’s so special!

    Blessings, my friend!

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  7. We have friends like those—we see them for brief moments every 5 years or so. Maybe over lunch as we pass one another from here to there. What delights me is that it is as if we were never apart. Such laughter! Restaurant owners think we must all be drunk, but they know better. We have dreams, the 4 of us, retiring to the same town and growing old on laughter together.


  8. That was really beautiful and made me cry (stupid sentimental person that I am) you had a really wonderful visit from your family and friends..what better way to spend such a magical evening

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  9. I’ve only just caught up with this post Linda.. what a beautiful day so beautifully described and shared… your reward for all the love and joy you’ve poured into other lives…including Fuzzy and Boomer..Love XX

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