Shimmering Heat—Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Evening-1Yesterday was HOT, so hot that my towels dried on the clothes line in half-an-hour, flapped and snapped with the afternoon wind.

Yellow-IrisIt made my laundry chores easy–wash, hang out, bring in, fold, and put away–load after load quickly ‘done’, no waiting about, finished!

Food The honey bees, the bumble bees and the hummingbirds all hummed and buzzed over the messy colorful flower beds as I washed windows and watered the flowers and the lawn.

It may have been hot, but it was peaceful.

rft.jpgThe evening was still extremely warm as we sat the water in the top field of corn, then skirting the alfalfa field we changed the set in the pinto bean field.

People think of night falling…falling down around the land, closing off the day.

nmjBut really night doesn’t fall, the shadows of the land rise, filling first the hollows and the valleys, climbing up the slopes of the mesas as the sun sinks lower and lower toward the west.  Gradually the shadows become darker creeping imperceptibly up fence posts and weeds.

The fields were so warm we could feel and smell the water as the earth and the plants sucked up the moisture.  It was a joy to irrigate since the irrigation water has also warmed, no longer feeling like a fresh melted snowbank.

gttrI stopped work to try and take a photo of the moon, which was gradually moving behind a pink cloud.  I turned to smile at Terry I told him there is a huge joy of trying to capture what we see on a daily basis and share it with you.

sgBy the time we were done, the sky had turned from pink to flaming gold.  The sun was somewhere over Utah and the ground, the farm, was started to join the greater dark of the star and moon lite night above.

My cup of joy runneth over! I wish for each of you, my friends, the same.







26 thoughts on “Shimmering Heat—Tuesday, June 2, 2015

  1. Yes, there was a beautiful moon last here in Ks. south of Wichita . We call our moon, “Robert’s moon” When our grandson, Robert, was little he and I and Harry would set out on porch and look at the moon and listen to night sounds,then he would go to sleep. He is 13 now and still enjoys the moon.Looks like we are done with rain . The wheat needs sun and maybe last of June or first of July it will be wheat harvest. Love it. Have a good day. Sharon Drake 6/2/2015

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  2. Looks like all is good in Colorado – sun and wind for clothes drying.
    Nothing would be better – well as long as the wind is not bloody gale
    force like. Nothing worse than sheets wrapped around lines and other
    articles the length and breath of the yard.
    Seems everything is going well in the crop stakes – good.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
    7.15 am Wednesday and sunny but the temperature has dropped
    due to a cold front moving up from the Southern Ocean – so Brrrrrrrrrr!

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  3. What a gift this morning to read this. You have a real gift for writing about and describing nature Linda. You capture it perfectly. And the joy you clearly have in trying to get it on film is contagious. I have to say, with that moon, you succeeded beautifully. I have tried many times to shoot the moon (well, not in that other way!) but I’ve never succeeded as well as you have here. Thank you so much!

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  4. its been hot here too….your description was magical and made me feel that I too was in Colorado enjoying this wonderful view.
    Do you have helpers come to stay like Miss C does?

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    • No, it’s just Terry and I. Mostly Terry, he does all the tractor work. I’m good on the shovel. 🙂 I am also good with the harvest of the hay and other things–I leave the tractor stuff up to him.


  5. How odd that you are having a hot/dry wind this early in the season.
    Your photos are beautiful and descriptions even more beautiful. I so wish I could take proper photographs of the moon, but I simply cannot master it.

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