The Cherries are Turning—Monday, June 15, 2015

My Sour Cherry THICKET (yes, I have a thicket—I made one on purpose.  You see we need to keep the sides of the canal from eroding—lots of trees create lovely roots that hold the bank together.) is starting to produce.

Cherries-2Lovely sour cherries!  Perfect for pies and homemade maraschino cherries, sauce for ice cream and jellies and jams.

I must pick a little every day, since that is how they ripen.

Cherries I try to pick first thing in the morning.  Then those, which ripen during the day the birds may eat.  I have to be fast…very fast!  The Robins and Red-winged black birds and all the hordes of little brown birds, the Starlings and doves sit in the the pear and apple trees screeching at me telling to me to SCRAM!!!

I talk to them as I pick…’settle down. I won’t be here long.  Just long enough to get some for us—it’s polite to share, you know…’

They share, but grudgingly, very grudgingly.  The second I pick up my two buckets and head to the house the call goes out—SHE IS LEAVING!  Hurry, we have to get as much as our tummies can hold!  The tree limbs shake and shiver as the masses descend.

I won’t get tons and tons of cherries, because I do have tons and tons of birds.  But what I do get will be just enough for Terry and I, and to serve for special meals come winter.

Your friend,



28 thoughts on “The Cherries are Turning—Monday, June 15, 2015

  1. Between the birds, raccoons and bear we rarely get any of ours and the past few years they’ve been so small. I told Eddie yesterday that the next trees to be planted in our orchards along with the apples, pears and peaches will be cherries and I may try to get them soon. I’m hoping if I have enough of them we’ll be able to get a few for ourselves just like you. Would you share your maraschino cherry recipe?

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  2. Interesting – the battle for the cherries!
    As the foliage is pretty dense, is this tree prickly?
    I don’t know the rising time of your robins etc.
    but you’d have to be up well before dawn to beat
    the rainbow lorikeets here. They love the nectar
    and small fruit so those cherries would be just perfect!
    Anyhow the lorikeets being so noisy would quickly wake up
    up unless you ad Terry can sleep through an artillery
    barrage? (Ha ha)
    Besides being pretty and exceedingly noisy, the lorikeets
    by mass of numbers take on those murderous Indian Mynas!
    So they can make as much noise as they like.

    I bet your cherry pies would be just perfect!
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
    PS: Here the weather 7.00 am Tuesday ??
    Impossible to say what – rain / sun / rain and on it goes.

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    • I reckon in Brisbane you’d still just about be able to grow cherries, but up here in Mackay it’s too hot for them to set fruit, so I’ll just have to dream about sharing in Linda’s bounty. We’d be able to lay on the flock of rainbow lorikeets, plus any number of pale headed rosellas, crested pigeons, sunbirds, honey eaters, etc – and you’re right about the unbelievable racket! 8.58am, 20C, and showers all day…


  3. They sound delicious, Linda! And a pretty picture of them as your header, too! Would you please do a blog post on how to make maraschino cherries from your sour ones? I would love to be able to make some if I can get my hands on some sour cherries from my brother in law. They have trouble with the birds getting theirs, too!! 🙂

    Hope you are doing well and had a good weekend. Blessings!

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  4. How smart to plant something for erosion control that you can also get fruit from! And so pretty too! Funny about the birds. We used to have a lovely peach tree and I did get a bit annoyed when the birds would ruin so many of them! “Can’t you eat the whole thing? Not just take one bite and move on to the next one?!”


  5. Oh my goodness! My mouth has that sour tart watering going on right now! Ha!
    How nice of you to share with the birds. As long as they are sharing with you. 😀


  6. Now that is really doing something for the planet and for the birds…we used to have one of those cherry trees in our garden but it was very old and eventually got chopped….


  7. we have an almost-neighbor (lives 150+ yards away) who thinks he’s keeping the birds out of his tree by hanging a radio, extension cord and all, tuned to some late-night rant and rave talk show. guess THAT would keep me out of his tree !

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