Maybe Today—Nope!—Sunday, June 14, 2015

Conversation Saturday morning….7:00

Terry-“What does the weather people say about the weather today?  If it’s going to be nice for a week I really need to cut the alfalfa.”


Me–“Hummm, a slight, chance of scattered thunderstorms.”

Terry–“Okay, I’ll get ready and then go out this afternoon.  First I need to haul some dirt.”

Me–“Sounds Good!”

2:30 p.m.

RainHail, rain, thunder, lightening, flooding.

Terry, after coming in soaked, —“I guess we were in the path of the SLIGHT chance of a thunder storm.”

Me–“I guess so.”

Your friend on a very wet western Colorado Farm,



32 thoughts on “Maybe Today—Nope!—Sunday, June 14, 2015

  1. One of the big storms we had last week showed up on a night the weather folks were predicting 0%! By the time they changed the forecast about an hour before it rained you could smell it coming. Here’s hoping for better weather for all of us who are getting innundated.

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  2. Ah – yes – the weather forecasters!
    If it is any consolation, the same happens here
    on a VERY regular basis.
    By the present looks of things, drenchings will
    be the order of the day here!
    I have given up with the weather bureau,
    just look at the sky and make your own judgement.
    Good luck with the alfalfa cutting.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

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  3. Oh dear, hope the hail didn’t do too much damage! You have really had a time with the rain showing up at the most inopportune times! Now it is time to dry out a bit, isn’t it?!

    We got a big ole thunderstorm and torrential rains last night! 2.2″ and more of the same forecasted tonight! In fact they just issued another Severe thunderstorm watch again. I can see the very dark clouds to the West/Northwest, so looks like it is coming! Cotton is up and looking real good, so we also pray for no hail.

    Hope you are feeling better….blessings!

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  4. Well THAT was no fun at all. We can’t go out in the boat if there is a slight chance of weather like that because exactly that might happen. Even if the day starts out beautiful. Bill keeps telling me that slight doesn’t mean the showers will necessarily be light. It means that we have a small chance of what might be a big downpour — of getting drowned or struck by lightening. I hope your chances for good weather are 100% this week.

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