Going Backwards—Monday, June 22, 2015

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice…the longest day of the year!

Now we start losing daylight hours…we start going backwards!  At least that is how I feel.


Although, we don’t just suddenly jump from summer right into the dark and dreary winter, it’s a process…a rather nice one.  We will still have warm (hot days—it was 104* yesterday) and lovely sunshine.  Sky

I just know that winter is looming —shudder!

For now I’ll not think about it and relish in these lovely hot days!

I hope you are enjoying the perfect weather, where ever you might live.

Your friend,


30 thoughts on “Going Backwards—Monday, June 22, 2015

  1. We’ve had so much rain and more expected as the week goes on. Eddie has only got two small meadows of hay cut and it’s getting so dead. Rain is nice but a three day rest between would sure be nice. Let’s not think about winter (shudder) for a while!!

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  2. I love the long hot days of summer too and knowing they are growing shorter is kind of depressing. But when it is the December solstice it is nice to remember that the days are getting longer.

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  3. Linda, it’s June and 104° there and 92° on this side of the divide. Winter is not looming. I am melting and we don’t have the greenhouse up and going yet. Love the flowers in your yard! How’s your hummers? Any Rufous?

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  4. We just had our shortest day and now they’re going to start getting longer, whoopee! Last night was our coldest night yet at 9C/48F, and now the spinning top that is our Earth has tilted, and it’s our turn for summer!

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  5. My kind of weather for the day, but I like it to drop at night.
    Here for the next 7 days the min/max. is 11c/52f – 25c/72f.
    Well that is what our brilliant weather bureau people predict
    but they have been know to be OFTEN wrong !!!!
    Like you and a couple of your readers, I’m a real summer
    person – your type of winters are now a no-go zone for me!

    Your top photo – the ground looks very dry and even rocky.
    I guess this area is not cultivated.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

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  6. Since we live in the land of mild winters, I like winter. And summer is my least favorite season, so going “backwards” is okay by me. 🙂 104 is just way too hot in my book – and in Rita’s.


  7. Ack! So not ready to think about winter- especially since we’ve not even had a proper summer here yet! Then again I was already thinking about Halloween and Christmas crafts that I need to get started on soon. Still not ready though!


  8. Oh when I heard the days are getting shorter, I almost cried! Lol! I love sitting outside until midnight. 😀 it doesn’t get dark until 10:30! We moved heifers the other night and got home at 11 pm! Still somewhat light.
    We are suppose to get to 110 this weekend! It’s been 100 already, then cooled down. Now warming back up! The Bulls come outta the cows Friday! Maybe the boys will be a little bit cooperative? Yea right!


  9. I’m piling the logs on the fire with an icy south wind off the Antartic blowing straight off the sea,, and the temp on five… which is cold for us. Your lovely garden makes me believe in summer again !!!


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